[Rules & Tips] The Lore of ::JEDI::

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[Rules & Tips] The Lore of ::JEDI::

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~ The Lore of ::JEDI:: ~
The following includes an explanation of how lore is established in ::JEDI:: and recommendations for hopefuls creating a character.

The Lore of ::JEDI::
Since its inception in 2003, the ::JEDI:: community has remained dedicated to establishing an in depth world set in the ever popular Star Wars franchise, with an extensive lore. We encourage all members, new and old, to not only adhere to this unique Star Wars experience with their characters, but also add their own signature to its continuation and development.

The Extended Universe (EU) vs Disney canon
Since the majority of the clan's history occurred before the release of Episode VII, the EU was the major source of history and rules for the clan's history following the events of the films. After the release of the new Disney material, the focus remains on creating an independent version of the Star Wars universe based on what's previously happened in the clan.

As such, whilst it is assumed that generic major events of the EU lore happened (such as Luke Skywalker rebuilding the Order a few hundred years ago). ::JEDI:: instead focuses on the previous 50-100 years as they happened in character.

How do the in character years work?
The events of ::JEDI:: take place several hundred years after the end of Episode VI, meaning that all dates are followed by ABY (After the Battle of Yavin, Episode IV). The current year can be found at the top of the jediholo.net site.


One real life month is equal to one year in character. The number after the decimal point indicates the current real life day, meaning that the date in the example above is the 1st of February 2017. The specific in character date is used for scheduling events such as classes and missions on the forums and should not be referred to in character.

What should I know as a hopeful arriving in ::JEDI::?
We do not expect any member to know the full extent of ::JEDI::' s history at any stage of being in the clan, including being a hopeful.

We encourage our hopefuls to apply between the ages of 5-12 years old (click here for more details on Character Creation). As a child, your character will not know every historical detail. However there are certain recent Galaxy wide events that your character, or even your character's parents, may be aware of when arriving at the Order. The following is a brief summary of these major events from the past 30 years in character:
  • 331ABY: A devastating plague sweeps the Core Worlds. Several major planets, including Coruscant, are quarantined. Travel to and from these worlds is prohibited.
  • 337ABY: The Coruscant Branch of the Jedi Order is publicly announced as being wiped out. The remaining Branches of the Jedi Order are kept hidden in secrecy.
  • 338ABY: A cure is synthethized and dispatched to the affected planets in the Core. The quarantine is lifted and no new cases of the plague are reported.
  • 339ABY: The Republic declares war on a faction known as the Imperium (exclusive to ::JEDI::) in the north of the galaxy. Despite severely reduced numbers, the Jedi Order is known to be pulled into the conflict.
  • 348ABY: After several clashes, the Imperium are announced as defeated by a combination of Republic, Jedi and Imperial Forces.
  • 350ABY: After one final stand, the remnants of the Imperium and a proportion of Jedi are destroyed on Coruscant. The immediate areas of the planet are currently uninhabitable, including the old Jedi Temple. The rest of Coruscant remains unaffected.
How do I decide what my character should know?
How much your character knows about the history of the Galaxy depends on a lot of factors:
  • Their age;
  • Their education;
  • What stories they may have heard from other people;
  • Whether their homeworld was affected by the event;
  • Whether their homeworld is well connected enough to have heard the news.
You will need to decide how much of the lore your character knows based on these factors. However, remember that the Jedi Order itself is the equivalent of real life organizations such as the UN or NATO. Your character will not be an expert in its history or current events, especially as a child.

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