[INVALID] Council Security Droid Typo

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Gaven K'Vosh
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[INVALID] Council Security Droid Typo

Post by Gaven K'Vosh »

I've noticed a very insignificant typo; this "bug" does not get in the way of any function on the server. Just thought I'd point it out though.

In the entrance hall to the council chambers, the council security droid replies:

"The Comport is in the enclave's communication portal. You may access it directly form the Holonet. (http://www.jediholo.net)"

I believe the bolded word should be "from".

Admin edit: marked as INVALID as this is not an RPMod bug, but a NPC pack typo.

Elu Dako
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Re: [NEW] Council Security Droid Typo

Post by Elu Dako »

Strange, when I talked to the droid when I was a hopeful I never spotted this :o.

It's not really much of a problem since people don't really pay attention to detail when it comes to some NPC dialogues, just ignore it for the time being and it will probably be fixed in the next release of the NPC pack.