Skin loading problem?

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Skin loading problem?

Post by Red »

I dunno if its a problem with RPMod or Jedi Academy or what but even with updated skins some just show up as Kyle Katarn still, and sometimes they show up other people's skins until I press Tab (and even then its still not the right one sometimes)?
Also I dunno if I'm supposed to make threads about this here so apologies in advance if not! :mrgreen:
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Re: Skin loading problem?

Post by Rhuacca »

No Problem, my friend. If you have any problems with connecting to the server or a disturbing decoration in the game, feel free to ask in this section! This is what it's made for :)

1. As for your problem, I think you may have some missing Skins left in your rpmod folder, so I'd recommend to download -all- of the skins that are in the Skin Repository thread.

2. If no.1 is not working, then you maybe have put the skins into the wrong folder where they shouldn't be. It must be in the "gamedata/rpmod" folder.
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Re: Skin loading problem?

Post by Tal Zem »

Red wrote:...sometimes they show up other people's skins until I press Tab...
This is a setting in Jedi Academy which is not exclusive to RPMod. :)

All you have to do is set Defer Player Models to Off.

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Re: Skin loading problem?

Post by Trin Oniron »

As Rhu said make sure to download the skins pack and update. The tab thing is due to the delay jka display skin changes. By default it's updated with each death or view of the scire board, you can change it in the game settings.

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