Too many sabers?

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Too many sabers?

Post by IcyMisterLamb »

So after installing the mod for the different weapons and light saber hilts, I've noticed that the screen to pick a lightsaber is really buggy. Many of the lightsabers are called the same things and sometimes there just isn't a lightsaber at all in a slot. When I click on these I got a message in the commands saying WARNING: too many one-handed sabers, ignoring saber '(saber name)'. The same problem occurs with dual bladed lightsabers however I don't get a message in the commands. Any way to fix this?
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Re: Too many sabers?

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This occurs due to a big amount of sabers within our files.

We use code names for the hilts to summon them through the console via
/saber1 {name}
No need to worry about that, it will not hinder you in any way. After all, during the hopeful process you will not be utilizing a lightsaber anyway.
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Re: Too many sabers?

Post by Bart »

You could potentially remove this nuisance by adjusting MAX_SABER_HILTS in file ui_local.h of the mod's code. It can be easily set to 512 without any problem. Hell, you could probably remove the limit itself in bg_saberload.c in the jampgame files.

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