Mission Report: Infiltration of Danozi's Pass

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Mission Report: Infiltration of Danozi's Pass

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Infiltration of Danozi's Pass
Name: Narael Undine
Rank: Padawan Learner
Date(s): 384.14
Location: Danozi's pass, Kenzie Rannon, Lat: -22.18, Lon: 34.12
Members of the Jedi Order present: Jedi Knight Drax, Padawan Learner Narael Undine
Public Information
Publicly Available Information on the events
Level of Exposure: Planet
  • A huge explosion was heard near Kenzie, along with a localized fire that was quickly taken care by the local population. No further information has been made public.

Knight Security Clearance
Information available to Knights+
  • The Crimson Slugs operate in multiple systems, Rannon colonization is one of their most recent operations.
  • The Crimson Slugs have established a significant presence on Rannon.
  • Despite being an interplanetary criminal organization, their "homebase" is in the Smuggler's Run, an asteroid belt that is a natural hazard, impossible to navigate through.
  • The leader of the Crimson Slugs operation on Rannon is a Trandoshan named Sskorag. He is one of the most prominent members of the Slugs, or as they call it, one of its leaders.
  • Sskorag has been equipped with Ultrachrome armor and wielded a lightsaber resistant blaster, which he expertly used in melee to parry lightsaber strikes.
  • Danozi's pass base was the main base of the Crimson Slugs' Rannon operation, any other branch held this base as operative center. There are references which indicate that "Ditas Fuel Outpost" is being exploited by the Slugs for monetary income and that some of "Harenae Settlement's" local criminality has been subjugated by the Slugs, and it is working for them.
  • Danozi's pass base was destroyed during the infiltration, by overloading the main reactor of the energy generator. Survivor status is unknown.
  • Information from the database suggests that after the elimination of their base near Kenzie, there has been an initial evacuation order, later on cancelled and replaced with a notification of reinforcements.

Jedi Council Clearance
Information available to Council+ and mission attendees.
  • Danozi's pass base was infiltrated by Jedi Knight Drax and Padawan Undine, in an attempt to install a modified transpoder on an astromech droid, making easier future tracking of that model and other similar models. Primary Objective remains incomplete, as the team was discovered and was forced to retreat.
  • Danozi's pass main network was accessed, and a plethora of information was downloaded. It was uploaded and analyzed on a sandboxed terminal, to avoid chance of accidental contamination.
Related Events
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Summary and Actions
An opinion offered by the reportee and their recommended actions.
Shares with same clearance with the highest used section above

In my opinion the Crimson Slugs are well aware that the Jedi presence on Rannon would be a threat to them, and they have been equipped to deal with it accordingly. However, they were not as vigilant as expected, which made the infiltration initially successful, leading to the destruction of their main base of operations.

However, as the information revealed, they decided not to evacuate Rannon, despite the setback. This would reveal that Rannon is critical to their plans, as they are aware we know of their plans, and can easily connect the recent events to us, and yet they decided to stay.

My recommendations are as follows:
  • Send the datapad with the stolen information to a qualified lab, that they may further analyze and extract information from the downloaded data.
  • Establish secure contact with a trusted RSF official and exchange information for all recent and future activity near and along the contaminated sites.
  • Request further information on Sskorag, including but not limited to Recent activity and Sightings from all friendly sources.
  • Establish a passive listening post along the far-outer perimeter of their bases, that would eavesdrop for any kind of communication but would remain safe from their actions.
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