Mission Report: Shadow Rising - Part One

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Mission Report: Shadow Rising - Part One

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Overview/Mission Name
Name: Tharon Jivler
Rank: Padawan
Date(s): 384.29
Location: Bespin Fueling Station
Members of the Jedi Order present: Padawan Tharon Jivler and Padawan Kir Darnic
Public Information
Publicly Available Information on the events
Level of Exposure: Planet
  • The Bespin Fueling Station was attacked by 2 fighters and a freighter that demanded all supplies of the TibannaX fuel
  • The station received minor damage
  • The station was saved by Jedi who happened to be fueling at the station
  • The freighter's pilot was arrested by the Republic

Padawan Security Clearance
Information available to Padawans+
  • The Padawans were sent on an investigation related to the TibannaX fuel
  • The Padawans engaged in unexpected air combat
  • Nothing about the station seems to be subject to suspicion

Jedi Council Clearance
Information available to Council+ and mission attendees.
  • The missing fighter, StealthE was present during the incident, but immediately escaped after failing the heist
Summary and Actions
An opinion offered by the reportee and their recommended actions.
Shares with same clearance with the highest used section above

The attackers seemed desperate to acquire the fuel, which leads me to believe they may attempt to steal it from another station that produces it.

My recommendations are as follows...
  • Question the pilot that was arrested after the incident
  • Locate the nearest stations that produce the fuel and monitor them

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