Mission Report: So said the snake...

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Mission Report: So said the snake...

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Overview/Mission Name
Name: Aiden Kezeron
Rank: Knight
Date(s): 385.28 ABY
Location: Vlemoth Port
Members of the Jedi Order present: Kir Darnic, Caerith Lhot
Public Information
Publicly Available Information on the events
Level of Exposure: <Planet>
  • VSF (Velmoth Secruity Forces)

Knight and Security Wing Security Clearance
Information available to Knights+(as well as those in the security wing)
  • The basis of the investigation was on another child of force sensitive nature being stolen from their family.After arriving, me and the Padawan's were met with a Captain of the VSF who'd lead us to the distressed mother of the child. She wasn't all wrapped up together, and it was hard keeping her mind calm enough to speak to her without her having a small panic attack. She was worried about something which had me dig further; what I did know before that was that someone could be impersonating Jedi; the capture might have presented themselves as such, perhaps even carrying a lightsaber.

    Besides that, I had to come to influence her mind into giving me more information about what worried her. Her husband and herself made a deal with some thugs who promised the capture of her daughters kidnapper. Fearing for her husband's life tipped me off he could be in danger, so I acted in a hurry to find him.

    What we did manage to find was a different scene, the Husband was psychologically toyed with by the thugs, and made to kill an innocent man. They had used his vulnerable state for their own entertainment. One criminal seemed to have gotten away, but it should be long before he is also found.

    As for the daughter, I had used the Force alongside the two students to pick up on traces of her whereabouts, I had figured she was transferred to another system given she was captured two months ago. As of now, I will be on Ossus, cooperating with a few other Empath's and Seer's on hand. I will update Trin, when we find something.

Related Events
Links to either potential or confirmed related events/stories/missions
Potential: None
Confirmed: Missing Children Cases
Summary and Actions
An opinion offered by the reportee and their recommended actions.
Shares with same clearance with the highest used section above

In my opinion..

My recommendations are as follows...
  • I don't recommend splitting our forces to search each habitable planet near Rannon.
  • Give me time to feel out for the Girl before moving on ahead.

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