Mission Report - "Banish the Unknown"

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Mission Report - "Banish the Unknown"

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Banish the Unknown
Name: Caerith Lhot
Rank: Padawan
Date(s): 386.11
Location: Valley of Ternaax, Rannon
Members of the Jedi Order present: High Councilor Zechs Demming, Councilor Yyn Zet Ari, Jedi Knight Dreshin Bralor, Jedi Knight Sirius Invictus, Padawan Narael Undine, Padawan Lystra Hale.
Public Information
Publicly Available Information on the events
Level of Exposure: None.
Padawan Security Clearance
Information available to Padawans+
  • We were sent to investigate the proving grounds locating at the Valley.
  • Both the area around and the proving grounds had a weird feeling of discomfort. Also, the place have no signs of life due to natural disasters (extreme heat, lava, etc.).
  • The proving grounds were built in a way that it requires a set of Trials to proceed further.
  • Even though the place is in a much better state now, it should still be avoided being visited.

Knight Security Clearance
Information available to Knights+
  • The place was totally shut down, and there was even some kind of illusion (or so we thought) at the entrance, in order to stop us from going further.
  • Throughout the Trials we had to take in order to "explore" the proving grounds, there was a spirit, some kind of ethereal figure that was making contact with us.
  • The spirit was trying to be friendly and cheerful at first. She (it was a woman's figure, probably Mikkian) even tried to help us at points during the Trials.
  • Near the end of the Journey in there, the spirit had started changing tactic. She started approaching Padawan Caerith Lhot, verbally first, then she tried to break him with distrurbing visions (which could be seen by everyone), asking him to join her.
  • The spirit was giving off a dark aura, and she was too powerful, able to hold us down, almost helpless.
  • With Master Demming's help, who distracted her, we were able to defeat her.
  • The place felt warm and peaceful after the Spirit was defeated.

Jedi Council Clearance
Information available to Council+ and mission attendees.
  • The Mikkian woman spirit was a Phantom, binded in her own lightsaber, which we destroyed.
  • According to Master Di'vosk's research, The Phantom was a Jedi in life, who was trapped in the proving grounds at its lock down, slowly getting corrupted to the dark side.
Related Events
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Summary and Actions
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Shares with same clearance with the highest used section above

My recommendations are as follows...
  • There should be another team visiting the Proving grounds, to confirm if the place was indeed "cleansed" or it was a temporary feeling.


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