Mission Report | 387.09 | Asmeru

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Mission Report | 387.09 | Asmeru

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Overview/Mission Name
Name: Cato Tanet'k Alonysus Rethin
Rank: Padawan of the Order
Date(s): 387.09
Location: Asmeru, Senex Sector, Senex-Juvex Split, Mid-Rim
Members of the Jedi Order present:
- Tanet'k Rethin
- Cael Dan'kor
- Delmi N'jork
- Emma Vilume
- Rhuacca
- Aranna Vaan

Public Information
Publicly Available Information on the events
Level of Exposure: Galaxy
  • GRID and the Jedi Order tracked the missing children to the planet of Asmeru
  • A team of Jedi infiltrated the planet and located the missing children.
  • The children were returned to their families.

Knight Security Clearance
Information available to Knights+
- High levels of Void exposure upon the surface of the planet, to the point where the Force is stifled. This increases in severity within closer proximity to the target location. Caution recommended to any Jedi operating near the facility.

- Hostile life forms (Unknown) encountered within the vicinity of the target facility. Easily dispatched alone, but no doubt deadly in number. The same is said for the interior of the facility. Fluctuations within the Void energy may be able to 'spawn' aggressive anomalies. High caution recommended.

- The interior of the facility itself, upon consensus by the Jedi Strike Team, was agreed upon to resemble a 'praxeum' of sorts. Attached are images taken by myself of the facility's atrium interior and appliances. Possibly an old Imperium stronghold.

Jedi Council Clearance
Information available to Council+ and mission attendees.
- Children seemed to be indoctrinated. Showed severe fear upon seeing the Jedi Strike Team, even demanding that the Jedi Strike Team leave. Initiate Vilume proved to be the exception. Perhaps the children were more inclined to believe someone of their own age, thought to begin they did inquire as to whether we had kidnapped her. The 'Old Man' may have been brainwashing them to distrust the Jedi, and intending to train them in this facility.

- Cael Dan'kor declared MIA after the mission's end. I have reason to believe he had ulterior motives during the course of this mission, divined from a conversation between me and himself over the course of the mission, however he doubted his ability to succeed in said motive. Disappeared from the Jedi Strike Team upon getting the children onto our exit craft. May still be active, however there's no way to tell without a search effort, which while I believe would be the best course of action, is not recommended due to the upcoming point.

- No contact with the 'Old Man'. Uncertain as to whether he was present and simply allowed us to take the children back, or whether he was not present alone and the presences we found were simply passive, 'scars' of his power left upon the world by his time upon it. Consider still at large.

- As a note, I would like to address the actions of Master Rhuacca. Upon being attacked by our first encounter of the aforementioned creatures (I will lovingly refer to them as 'voidlings' henceforth), his first reaction was to attempt to battle this creature, unknown and possibly deadly, with his fists. No matter the reasoning I believe this was a reckless, and potentially damaging decision that could have affected the outcome of the mission as a whole.


Related Events
Links to either potential or confirmed related events/stories/missions
Confirmed: The Void Within Arc
Summary and Actions
An opinion offered by the reportee and their recommended actions.
Shares with same clearance with the highest used section above

The mission was a success. The events regarding Master Dan'kor are regrettable however he knew the risks of following his own motives during the mission rather than focusing on the objective at hand. The children were returned, reunited with their families, and this was the goal we set out for.

That being said, I believe we should investigate his disappearance and achieve some solid evidence of what happened to him after he left if possible to do SAFELY, as well as keep our eyes out for any more incidents that could potentially link to the 'Old Man'.

My recommendations are as follows...
  • - Monitor the planet of Asmeru remotely for any further activity (GRID), and forbid access to the area around the target location without Council permission (Jedi)
  • - Pursue any information on the disappearance of Cael Dan'kor.
  • - Continue to monitor for any suspicious activity (New missing children cases, incidents with Void-like symptoms.)

Name - Cato Aloysius 'Tanet'k' Rethin :: Age - 18 :: Birthdate - 365.27 ABY ::
Birthplanet - Bastion :: Homeplanet - Asation ::
Initiated - 374.12 ABY ::
Mentors - Master Tyris Ard - Dantooine Branch ::
:: Master Xayr'ka Atreus - Rannon Branch ::

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