Mission Report - "You're Surrounded!"

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Mission Report - "You're Surrounded!"

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"You're Surrounded!"
Name: Kiara O'ren
Rank: Jedi Padawan
Date(s): 388.17 ABY
Location: Unknown Facility, forest between Kenzie and Herenae
Members of the Jedi Order present: Padawans Lystra Hale, Kiara O'ren
Public Information
Publicly Available Information on the events
Level of Exposure: Planet
  • Theft at important datacenter
  • All of the thieves arrested
  • RSF Officer injured

JEDI Security Clearance
Information available to Padawans+
  • On 388.17, at 1500 hours GST, Padawan Lystra Hale and I were sent by Master Oniron to go help the RSF security forces arrest a human named Jeroma. The RSF officers had chased Jeroma and two others to a large facility in the forest. The RSF arrested the other two but Jeroma escaped inside the facility. When the RSF attempted to follow him inside, one of their officers was injured by a trip mine and had to be taken to a medical bay.

    Lystra and I were taken to the facility by an RSF shuttle and spoke with Officer Oventes, who said that they had the only exit to the facility covered and did not want to enter because they were afraid there were more traps inside. Officer Oventes said that they had tried to tell Jeroma to come out peacefully using a speaker.

    Officer Oventes told us that Jeroma was to be arrested for stealing information from an important datacenter, located in Herenae, running from the RSF, and placing the trip mine that injured an RSF officer. Officer Ventez said that they were worried about Jeroma leaving in a ship.

    Because Jeroma was going to possibly escape in a starship and had already injured an RSF officer, Lystra and I decided to go into the facility to attempt to get him to surrender. We had the RSF try to call out to Jeroma one more time before we entered into the facility.

    The door was unlocked and we entered into a wide, long hallway that had several crates in different locations. Lystra saw that there was another trip mine on the wall and appeared to have a laser sensor that was pointed across the hallway. We were able to jump over the laser sensor and came to a four way in the hallway with several battle droids that had blasters around the corner to our left. Lystra commed the RSF officers outside and told them about the mine and droids but they still told us they could not come in to help us.

    We could not see a way past the droids without them seeing us. I attempted to cross the hallway and called out to the droids so that they would follow me and then Lystra could attack them from behind, but they did not move. Lystra crossed the hallway and again the droids did not move. We were blocked by what looked like an alarm sensor. I used one of the RSF hacking devices to access and deactivate the alarm and we continued sneaking down the hallway.

    We came upon a very large room that looked like a power generator with a ring of floor lights around it. Several battle droids were patrolling this area. We had to wait for a break in their patrol and then Lystra crossed the opening to the large room to inspect a smaller, side room, that looked like it had a smaller version of the main power generator.

    While Lystra was investigating the room, two droids must have spotted her and came over to look around the area. This happened twice. The second time, a loud alarm and flashing red lights began and the droids all began to come over to our location.

    Lystra was spotted and activated her Lightsaber and stood in the hallway while the droids ordered her to surrender and started a countdown until when they would start blasting. I was taking cover behind some boxes as the droids did not see me yet. I tried to comm Lystra and tell her to go back down the hallway from where we came so I could surprise the droids from the back but she could not hear me over the alarm.

    The droids starting firing their blasters at Lystra and I saw her jump toward the lead droid. I activated my Lightsaber and joined the battle because I could not leave Lystra to face the droids all by herself. Some of the droids were armed with vibroswords and had very good programming. Throughout the battle I tried to avoid them. I also noticed that when I got hit by the blaster bolts I couldnt deflect they hurt but not much more than our training ones at the Praxeum. It still hurt bad but I expected to be more seriously hurt.

    For the most part of the battle we were just trying to run away as we were quickly being surrounded by alot of battle droids. Maybe six to eight at a time. During the battle, a human man in grey armor came out and began to fire some sort of electricity rifle at us. I tried to deflect it but the electricity somehow got past my blade and gave me a really bad shock. It was not very damaging but made my muscles squeeze up and hurt and knocked the wind out of me. The man yelled something like that he had been watching us on camera and that we were doing so well. He was the only human we could see inside so we assumed he was Jeroma.

    At one point Lystra and I took cover behind that big power generator in the middle of the large, circular room while Jeroma was taking cover along with a lot of his battle droids behind some boxes a few meters from us. I try to yell for him to give up but he said he wouldnt because we were struggling.

    Lystra and I chased Jeroma outside behind the facility where there was many landing platforms and a large dish shaped sensor. One of the droids with the vibroblades cut me in the leg, causing me to fall over and have to roll under that sensor to escape.

    I noticed that Lystra knocked over Jeroma too and that he fell off the side of the platform onto the rocks below. As soon as I could make it to the edge I jumped down and tried to trap him.

    I noticed Jeroma appeared to be controlling the droids with a datapad he had with him and I wanted to try and get him to call off the droids.

    Jeroma aimed a blaster that wasnt his electricity rifle at me and told me that he would kill Lystra if I didnt surrender. I tried to call out to Lystra but she did not answer me. I could not see up to the platform where I had left Lystra but could not hear any sounds of battle so I knew that maybe Lystra was in trouble.

    I tried to talk with Jeroma and at one point he laughed really loudly at something I said and stopped aiming at me and leaned back with his blaster off to the side. I was already hurt, Jeroma was controlling how the battle was going, and Lystra was in trouble. So I had to attack Jeroma while he wasnt paying attention. I jumped forward and cut his blaster in half. He fell to the ground. I noticed that there was a small sign that came out of the end of the blaster that had BANG written on it in Basic. I dont know if the blaster was actually dangerous or a joke.

    Master Oniron and Invictus showed up with Officer Oventes and arrested Jeroma. I tried to get Jeromas datapad but it said something like message sent on the screen and then the datadrive in it was burned. It became smokey and hot so I had to put it down.

    Master Invictus told me to go with Officer Oventes to take Jeroma to the transport. Jeroma told me that he was just toying with us that is why he was watching us on camera and letting us sneak in for a bit before he turned on the alarm, why the droid blasters were on lower power, and why he had the fake blaster at the end. Jeroma said that he already had accomplished his mission and seemed happy even though he was getting caught.

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  • Right now we do not know what Jeroma stole from the datacenter he broke into or what his plan is. I recommend that someone works with the RSF to figure out what data was taken and what Jeromas plan was because it really seemed like he didnt care about being caught and was happy that he completed whatever he was trying to do.
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