Mission Report: The Voice on the Comm | 390.01

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Mission Report: The Voice on the Comm | 390.01

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The Voice on the Comm
Name: Narael Undine
Rank: Padawan Learner
Date(s): 390.01
Location: Odules Mountain Range, Rothana
Members of the Jedi Order present: Padawan Learner Undine
Public Information
Publicly Available Information on the events
Level of Exposure: Planet (limited to Security Forces)
  • Recent Quhun insurgence has lead to multiple deaths in civilized areas and destruction of infastructure.
  • The Rothanian government attempted to strike back against the Quhun.
  • Due to the numbers and ferocity of the Quhun, the government decided to collapse the mountain paths that lead towards the civilised areas to the eastern side of the continent.
  • All passes but Eleonto were closed by 388.29 without an issue, but Eleonto pass became the field for many battles between the Rothanian military and the Quhun.
  • Eleonto pass was closed succesfully on 389.01, ending the conflict for the time being.

Knight Security Clearance
Information available to Knights+
  • Reports coming from the troops facing the Quhun state that they appear to learn from past battles and improve their attacks.
  • Quhun got separated from the main army and attacked two of the relay stations, almost brining down the chain of communication.
  • Without further proof, the two above facts should be considered unrelated.

Related Events
Links to either potential or confirmed related events/stories/missions
Potential: N/A
Confirmed: N/A
Summary and Actions
An opinion offered by the reportee and their recommended actions.
Shares with same clearance with the highest used section above

  • The Quhun should be monitored periodically by an independent organization.
  • Monitoring data passed to the Rothanian government to avoid another situation like the above.
  • Any signs of evolution should be considered, especially if said evolution moves towards proto-sentience.
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