Mission Report: Recorded Delivery

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Mission Report: Recorded Delivery

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Recorded Delivery
Name: Serir Vun
Rank: Padawan Learner
Date(s): 391.09 ABY
Location: Rannon, Essowyn
Members of the Jedi Order present: Grandmaster Don'roq, Jedi Master Coron Audax, Jedi Knight Wen-Ordo, Jedi Padawan Tribo Orana, Jedi Padawan Serir Vun
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Level of Exposure: Planet
  • The Yavin Runner Ship crash landed upon Rannon

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  • On 391.09 at approximately 1500 GST the Good Master Wen-Ordo and I are receiving the coordinates to taking the Yavin Runner to Essowyn to retrieving Tribo Oranna.

    The journey to Essowyn is taking the few hours but is not very eventful, and so I shall skipping over these details.

    We are arriving on Essowyn and meeting Jedi Master Coron Audax, who is taking us to meet with Grandmaster Don'roq. After this we are being introduced to Tribo Orana.

    Good Master Wen-Ordo is speaking with the Grandmaster and I am speaking with Tribo Orana. We are discussing Rannon and I am offering him the snack. Shortly after this we are leaving.

    I am suggesting when we are upon the ship that Tribo Oranna and I exploring the vessel for we both are never being upon it before and I am thinking it is the good way for bonding with my new classmate.

    After the while Tribo is going to retire to his bunk and rest. The next few hours are very calm and uneventful. I am fixing lunch, reading some training material and such.

    Upon our approach to Rannon, the Good Master Wen-Ordo is summoning me and is asking me to retrieving Tribo Orana. I am thus going and trying to find him, and yet I am not noticing him anywhere upon the ship at all! I am reaching for the Good Master's assistance, and he too is attempting to look.

    My own skills with the Force are not as fleshed out as his, and yet neither of us are able for sensing him aboard the vessel. And yet I am noticing him come into view for the moment and am alarmed. He abruptly is disappearing and suddenly the doors of the ship are acting out of the ordinary.

    We are chasing after him, for he is appearing and disappearing as we pursue. The ship at this time is beginning to become turbulent and something is failing the ship's systems, until it is beginning to fall from the sky.

    I am urging the good master to get to the escape pods, and Tribo who is suddenly no longer invisible is coming too. The gravity in the ship is failing now, the doors are opening and closing, and we are having to pull our way to the back of the ship. The good master is stepping to the floor of the bay to grabbing Tribo, while I am getting into the escape pod and strapping myself in. Then all is black for the while.
  • I am awaking in much pain and it is very difficult for breathing. There is much fire and destruction, and the Good Master is calling my name but he cannot hear my response because I cannot breathing.

    Eventualy I am making it off of the stone I am upon and meeting up with him and Tribo. We are surrounded by Reeks. They are charging at us. Tribo is doing something...it is inexplicable but he is doing something to repel some of them.

    It is perhaps the shock or other things but we are not calling for help at first, but eventually we are broadcasting our location to the Order.

    Then we are being swarmed by the acklays. We are barely escaping with our lives, and we are cornered and the Good Master is collapsing in the river. I am rushing to pull him out but shortly after I am collapsing. I am then waking up while being carried into the Temple.
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Potential: The Storms that we are seeing are concerning to me and I will explaining more below.
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  • I am not certain what is causing the crash. I would appreciate the chance for investigating with my friend Kiara O'ren if possible. But from what I am understanding there are storms such as this from other places and missions that Kiara and Xintr are going on. I am also concerned with the way Tribo is repelling the Reeks. But I am possibly delusional at that time because of my pain, and so I must waiting for Wen-Ordo's testimony on this.
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