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Pazaak! How to?

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:37 pm
by Rian Vun

Hello my friends and teachers of this wonderful temple! I am taking from time today to be giving some instructions on one of my favorite games, Pazaak! It is my hope that this manual will be of beneficial good to those who are reading. Thank you very kindly!

Pazaak is the simple game, its goals are very easy. The trick is learning whether to press your luck, or play it safe! It is very simple and mathematical, in fact the goal is to get the highest card-but if you go over 20 then you will bust!

Before talking about the cards, I will tell more on the game's rules and structure. Each match is made up of several games. The first person who wins 3 games will win the match. Pazaak is the popular game with gambling, but we should not be doing that here at the temple (but creatively perhaps cookies or even chores?)! People put credits up and win or lose based on chance.

As I am having said before, both players are trying for getting 20. You are determine what numbers you have by what number is drawn at each turn starting.


This is being the card type that you do not know-each player is drawing this card at the beginning of their turn. (Sometimes these cards are green.) You are to be establishing your turns based on these cards. Each card adds to your current total, for instance the card shown if being five-if you are drawing the next card and it is 7, your total will become 12. These cards continue to add to your score until you stand or bust. Continuing with the before example, you draw the other card during your next turn and get the other 5, your total becomes 17. If you are ending your turn you risk getting the high draw next turn, which could put you over 20 and would therefore bust you! This could cause you to lose the match. Some players prefer to stand at this point, or permanently end their turn until the current game ends. If this occurs the opponent must continue as normal until they hit the higher number or bust themselves.

The game of Pazaak is one of strategy as well as waiting. Let us say, I have the score of 18, and my opponent is standing at 19. Do I end my turn and hope for the card of chance to win the game for me? It is very risky. Luckily, there are other options to be exploring! At the beginning of each game of Pazaak, you create the side deck of modifier cards (shown below). You draw 4 of them at the beginning of the match and you use them for the entire match. If you run out of them before the match is over, you must rely on luck!


In the situation I am speaking of before, I am able to take the +3 card from my hand and play it, giving me the score of 20 and winning me the game! The advantage of these cards is that they can be also insurance. If perhaps I bust over 20, I can play the - cards to lower my score! Before I am telling that the players are drawing four cards from their side deck per match, but truthfully they can decide upon 4 or 5 if they wish to be playing that way. It is player's choice.

Some cards are rarer than others, so always be looking out! For being example, the center card shown is a +/- card. These are difficult to get, you must be vigilant and look when you are away from the temple for them! They assist in the games greatly. There are other cards out there as well, but you must find them out for yourself!

Using these cards you may affect your outcome greatly, but remember that there is much chance involved, so you must still be cautious! Pazaak is no weakling's game! You must have the strong will and stomach for it can tear your nerves down and reduce you to the muttering madman! Matches can last for hours, if the players continue to tie, for they must win 3 times for the match to be over.

But, Pazaak is also the peaceful game, and one that offers time for thought. One can challenge themselves and their intuition, and I suspect even hone their skills with the Force in such the game! Its applications are endless, but always are fun.

I am hoping my guide answered your questions, feel free to offer more if you have them here, I will be perfectly glad to answer them! I am also providing the external resource of pazaak cards for perusement, partake if you wish!

Thank you my dear friends and mentors, and may the Force ever be with you!

((Oberon and I have had success in actually playing games together over Pazaak Cantina. If you wish to play Pazaak through this client, it makes for a richer RP feel and it is the genuine game which provides a neat contrast to JKA. I recommend also using the free version of Hamachi in order to establish LAN parties with friends you wish to play with. The client is buggy and I do not believe their servers run properly. If anyone discovers otherwise notify me! Thanks, and happy Pazaak!))

Re: Pazaak! How to?

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 8:17 pm
by Rian Vun

((Update: Turns out that these guys fixed their issues, you don't need to download the client or hamachi in order to play with each other. You can create an account on their website and then just play through the browserside client, you would appear in the lobby so we could all see each other! Happy Pazaak!))

Re: Pazaak! How to?

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:03 pm
by Rian Vun

Greetings, friends of the Rannon Temple! With newly granted access to the archives thanks to Amalia Feyn, I am finding this wonderful record from my lost childhood! Perhaps something of the relic, and yet I feel I would be the bad man, if I am not sharing my love of Pazaak with you all. Please, enjoy!

((This client is pretty fantastic. You can access it at and play it directly from the browser. I would recommend registering.

You know, I'd be one happy Duro if this were somehow able to be implemented into RPMod, but that's me digressing. Currently this is a really easy game to play while on the server by simply utilizing the /min feature. For greater immersion you can RP out the cards drawn into the game, but otherwise you can just enjoy the minigame and then rp the results after. ))

Re: Pazaak! How to?

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 12:14 pm
by Tal Zem
Hello everyone!

I brought back a souvenir from my last trip to the nearby city! Behind B-53's counter is a small stack of Pazaak base decks. While we don't endorse gambling, we're not adverse to passing time during the quiet hours by the fireplace at night.

Feel free to help yourselves and play the game with one another, but please do not take the decks from the cantina itself. B-53 will tell me if you do!

- Tal Zem

Re: Pazaak! How to?

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 12:17 pm
by Qi'la Mydanil
That's great Master because I know how to play but never had any decks. Hit me up whoever wants to challenge me!