390.08 // New High Councilors

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The Jedi Council
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390.08 // New High Councilors

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Greetings members of the Jedi Order,

The High Council is pleased to announce that a seat on the High Council has been offered to Jedi Knight Xayr'ka Atreus and Jedi Knight Sirius Invictus, both of which have graciously accepted. This raises the High Council to three full-time members at the Rannon Branch.

We congratulate Sirius Invictus and Xayr'ka Atreus in their new position and expect them to be making a personal statement below.

- The Jedi Council

The Jedi Council of Rannon

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Sirius Invictus
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Re: 390.08 // New High Councilors

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Greetings once more people,

I covered many things, from how I felt to what the gesture of being appointed a Councilor of Rannon meant to me, in my last posting when I was granted that mantle.

In this case, the only thing I can say is a 'thank you'; for the trust that has been shown to me by the High Council. I will, as always, aim to be of help. There is nothing more than that, and nothing less than that, that I can promise.

Stay safe,

~Sirius Invictus,
Jedi Knight,
High Councilor
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