381.11 // Councilor Review

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381.11 // Councilor Review

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Greetings, JEDI members.

It has been a little over 6 months since Kadvarr Tirladdik and Dreshin Bralor were appointed to the Council; the High Council has therefore taken this occasion to proceed with a Councilor Review.

This process, repeated every 6 months, aims to give and collect feedback on the Councilor's progress and on the internal functioning of the Council; it is also the occasion for the High Council to decide whether to renew each Councilor's mandate or not.

We would therefore like to inform you of the results as of 381.11:
  • Dreshin Bralor's mandate is renewed and will remain a Councilor.
  • Kadvarr Tirladdik's mandate has been cancelled, and has been removed from the position. While we do not wish to go into detail as for the reasons of this decision, we would like to thank Knight Tirladdik for the services he has offered to the community during his term, and wish him to continue contributing in the many fruitful ways our Knights constantly do.
We will continue to work normally and, as always, strive to better ourselves for the good of JEDI. In due time, two new Councilor's will be appointed to reinforce our numbers.

- The Jedi Council.

The Jedi Council of Rannon

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