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Client Configuration

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There are two ways of configuring the Client: the /rpClientConfig command, and the Cvars (Console VARiables).


Use /rpclientconfig list to see the currently enabled and disabled features (by default, all of them are enabled).

Use /rpclientconfig <feature> <on|off|toggle> to enable or disable a specific feature (LedgeGrab, SaberToggleAnim, TalkAnim). For example, if you want to stop playing a talking anim, use /rpclientconfig TalkAnim off.
  • LedgeGrab
    Ability to grab the ledge of a wall.
  • SaberToggleAnim
    Play an animation when turning on or off your lightsaber.
  • TalkAnim
    Play a generic talk animation when talking in public chat.
  • JK2RDFA (since version 0.4.3)
    JK2-style Red DFA move (if the server allows it).
  • LoadAccountCvars (since version 0.5.1)
    Load player settings (model, sabers, ...) from your account during login.
  • SaveAccountCvars (since version 0.5.1)
    Save player settings (model, sabers, ...) to your account during logout.


To see the value of a Cvar, type its name in the console.
To modify the value of a Cvar, type its name followed by the new value in the console, or use the command /set <cvar> <value>.
  • rpc_colorInCrosshairNames (bool, default 1)
    When 1, display color in crosshair names. When 0, display all names in red.
  • rpc_freeSkinInTeamGames (bool, default 1)
    Allow using any skin in Team games, instead of forcing the use of red or blue skins. This affects all players.
  • rpc_freeSaberColorInTeamGames (bool, default 1)
    When 1, allow using any saber color in Team games, instead of forcing the use of red and blue sabers.
  • rpc_senseFx (bool, default 1)
    When 1, display a full screen Sense effect like in SP.
  • rpc_duelFx (bool, default 0)
    When 1, use the BaseJKA duel effects (blue shell, etc.). When 0, don't display anything special when duelling (more realistic).
  • rpc_chatRange_mode (int, default 1)
    • 0 = don't use chat ranges at all (see everything with 100% opacity)
    • 1 = display all messages, but fade them depending on the distance (below the min range will use 100% opacity, above the max range will use the min alpha)
    • 2 = same as 1, but don't even display messages with a distance greater than the max range; they will still be faded between the min and max range.
    • 3 = only display messages below the min range (no fading at all). But if you use this, be sure to increase the min range or you will miss a lot of messages (because 128 is really close).
    • No matter what mode you choose, all chat text will still be displayed normally in the console.
  • rpc_chatRange_min (int, default 128)
    Minimum chat range
  • rpc_chatRange_max (int, default 1024)
    Maximum chat range
  • rpc_chatRange_alpha (int, default 25)
    Minimum alpha (transparency) value, in percent
  • rpc_saberGlowMultiplier (float, default 1)
    Saber glow multiplier. 1 for default, 2 for a nice effect
  • rpc_holsteredWeapons (int, default 2)
    OJP VisualWeapons mode: 0= disabled, 1= only yourself, 2= all players
  • rpc_disableChatSound (bool, default 0)
    When 1, the chat sound isn't played when a message arrives (Commlink chat sound will still play)
  • rpc_disableChatBubble (bool, default 0)
    When 1, the chat bubble is not displayed above the head (useful for screenshots/movies)
  • rpc_zoomSpeed (float, default 0.2)
    Zoom speed when using +button12/+button13 (zoom in/out)
  • rpc_zoomSmoothing (float, default 750)
    Zoom smoothing time (in milliseconds) after releasing the button
  • rpc_removeExtraColorsInConsole (bool, default 1)
    When 1, extra color codes (^8, ^9, ^a-z, ^A-Z) are removed beforing printing console text
  • rpc_ratioFix (bool, default 1)
    When 1, widescreen aspect ratio fix is enabled for HUD (adapted from jaMME code)
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