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Re: RP Stats

Post by Delmi N'jork » Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:56 pm

I've dabbled in table top RP since my early teens. I've always greatly enjoyed the fun that it brought, the friendships, late nights, sugar highs, and sneaking parent's alcohol down to the basement.
That being said, part of the appeal of JEDI for me was that it contained a more of a seamless RP. That you as a person is more in control of your character's successes and failures versus chance or few modifiers here and there. We will always agree on what someone should and shouldn't be able to do in JEDI? Of course not. But, on the same thought that is what attracted me to it. That everyone is free to create and play.

I think making JEDI rely more heavily on functions like dice roles and modifiers will ruin that magic. There's too many factors to put in to consideration. I'm not going to roll for initiative for Delmi to perform a Makashi swing that he's practiced since he was a Padawan, nor would I expect Zechs to do a roll to perform a flight maneuver that's well practiced or Nodo to “hack” something. I feel this also opens up for things happening that shouldn't, like successfully performing something that isn’t learned/practiced. I do believe that we as JEDI RPers should be a little bit more willing to play to people's claimed abilities. If in a personal mission/arc, everyone involved is okay with applying things like rolls and modifiers, then that’s between those involved. But it should not be put to the community as a whole in my opinion.

While I do see where this suggestion is coming from, I really don’t think it’s needed. If you want your character to be good at something, RP practicing it. RP succeeding, failing, learning. The more time you dedicate to that, the more it will show and the more likely people are to respect it and play along.

TLDR: Keep the current system of how we’ve have been RPing.
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