New Development: Ilum Branch

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New Development: Ilum Branch

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Greetings residents,

As you've all seen in the holonews, the Ilum branch has been officially re-constituted. I wish to give all those at the Rannon praxeum an update on Ilum's status.

Two cycles ago, the High Council deployed Knights from both the Ossus and Rannon branches to survey the old temple grounds and crystal caves, securing it so that we may re-establish a presence on the planet. This mission was successful and our very own Silas Vir'n was asked to remain and help rebuild the branch along with some others from Ossus.

I've recently returned from a week long stay on Ilum to appoint it's new local Council. They are already beginning to bring in new hopefuls and initiates and many others have also transferred in from Ossus. I can say that the place is starting to look like a real Jedi temple again.

Additionally, the Republic has established a military presence on the planet also to defend the temple during this delicate time of recuperation - we're not anticipating a repeat of Dantooine and Arkania.

This is a huge leap forward for us. Rebuilding is on track and on schedule.

Jedi Master Amalia Feyn
High Councillor to the Jedi Order
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