Stories of the Temple

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Stories of the Temple

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The note is written in very crude basic, but it is more or less legible.

Wrennin, is having the chase from worm. He is still life though. He is to say, the worm living here as well, called Voh. Does he knowing, that there is the student named Voh as well?

, tells tale, of inspire. Of a swim, with brothers, to be pulled beneath surface. The giant fish! The family of protection. Duncan is good brother.

Zander Of boy to climb. Climbing to ceilings, but as if wings remaining aloft. Luck on his side always, if rarely to fall he is catching! The story turns, for he goes with the mother, to shop. In his eye, he is seeing the best of climbing places. This is his greatest joy! So he beginning the climb, and people gather to see his bravery and skill. His mother, filled with love feeling the fear for his ascent, he climbs forever higher. He is falling! The screams from his mother, becoming stifled for the Jedi woman stealing him from the air, and saving the day. She is the love of Zander's life, beautiful and strong. The boy returns home, but one day Zander's Jedi Love is coming back to them. She comes for the boy! But it is Zander! He is now Jedi, and his heart is always to bleeding for his lost love, for he cannot finding her again.

Syrena When upon Yavin, Syrna going to the jungle. Temple of Blue Leaf was being her destination, it is still mysteriously named.... She is finding books! Lots of books! Of the perhaps this being bad temple? Suddenly, she is hearing voice, the child of the temple, claiming captivity for many of cycles. Her master, leaving her to message the temple, for you see she was safe with the child. The boy, is named of Soh Raun, or so he is saying, and running deep within the temple! Syrena is swift of foot, for her training as the Jedi giving her great stamina therefore she chasing him. She seeing him within another room with a masked man, a hilt held by him! He was bad! It came to a fight, but Syrena even as padawan is of legendary strength and skill therefore she with ease overcame the man. But, becoming tired after she went to sleep. When waking up only her Master remaining. He is saying it was all of dreams! One day, they finding that these things happened to the Master Raun as the child, and only one as strong and mighty as the Syrena is able to free the memory from such strong grasps of the Force.

Stories, are of such import! We are for sharing the memory. This growing culture, and my father saying that with culture we can win all battles! Please, sharing with us your stories here on this board!

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