Life Day [2017]

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Duncan Therin
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Re: Life Day [2017]

Post by Duncan Therin »

If this is the regular Life-Day trip to the resort, then I will, naturally, be in attendance, as I have been for the last two Life-Days we have celebrated. Third Life-Day I'm celebrating.. I feel old.

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Dariun Antane
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Re: Life Day [2017]

Post by Dariun Antane »

I'll be there, though isn't it a little too early to be thinking about Life Day?
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Re: Life Day [2017]

Post by Dreshin »

Dariun Antane wrote:Isn't it a little too early to be thinking about Life Day?
This is (almost) what i say to people already putting up their Christmas lights. :lol:
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Qi'la Mydanil
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Re: Life Day [2017]

Post by Qi'la Mydanil »

(( I'm sure the Council has something in store for Life Day already, as always, no ? ))
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