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Color Coding Text

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Server Protocol wrote:

I. General Server Conduct

JEDI offers a strict role-playing environment which requires all participants to remain in character at all times with as little disruption to the immersion as possible. Below is a list of general expectations regarding conduct on the community's servers:
  • Use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization. Exceptions in grammar and spelling are made if it's done to role-play an accent or a sentient that does not speak Galactic Basic fluently.
  • The in-game clan chat feature is strictly an organization tool and is not to be abused, especially at the expense of immersion.
  • Kill tracking programs are not allowed due to the spam they produce.
  • Below is the format used in JEDI to convey different forms of character interaction. Colour is often used to distinguish between different formats. For help with in-game colour codes, type /rphelp into the console.
    • Actions: Expressed in present-tense with white text and bracketed with double colons (::). Actions can be most easily achieved by using the /me command in the console as well as the manual option of typing the colour and colons.
    • Dialogue: Always use default green for spoken dialogue. Non-Lexical conversation sounds, such as Oh, Um, Eh, Ooo, Hm, etc, are to be marked with an asterisk (*) at the beginning and end.
    • Out of Character: Out of Character chat, or OOC, is expressed with ((double parentheses)). OOC chat is to be used sparingly and only when absolutely necessary. Private messages are a preferable alternative to public OOC.
    • Other Dialects: Yellow text in conjunction with double greater-than/lesser-than symbols on either end is used to signify text spoken in a language other than Galactic Basic. Players should not acknowledge dialects that their characters have not yet learned. It is also a requirement that players at some stage reference the language they are speaking.
    • Telepathy: Cyan text is used to indicate telepathic dialogue or abilities through the Force. Telepathy should only be expressed with a private message, using the /tell command, as only the receiver would hear/feel it.

Marek Izu wrote: JEDI has a unique way of getting different ideas across through text. Talking, whispering, emoting, and cross server communication via role play are done through specific color choices or commands. Below is a guide to help any new player become familiar.

First, to get this started, most questions can be answered using the Help function in the menu. Once clicking on Help, it will bring up the colors you can choose from to use in your RP. Although most are not used, it gives you an idea on how to go about using them.


Talking at a normal voice: No color needed, will be green by default
Emoting: White. ^7::emote::
Whisper: Brown/Beige. ^kI sneaked out last night and the Masters still don't know!
Non-basic language: Yellow. ^3<<Huttesse>> Welcome to my palace, er, Jedi Temple!

Emotes and talking can be mixed together as well in one action. It might look something like this:

^7::walks into the cantina, taking a seat at the bar. Looking up towards Buzz, he would nod once:: ^2Morning, Buzz.
Which, once entered into the game, will look like this
::walks into the cantina, taking a seat at the bar. Looking up towards Buzz, he would nod once:: Morning, Buzz.

This means you can add emotes to the comm command as well.
/comm Buzz ^7::some static would come over the comm:: ^2Buzz... trouble... the temple...!
Which would than look like
Comm-Buzz: ::some static would come over the comm:: Buzz... trouble... the temple...!
Commands are prompts you type into the console that are quick ways of getting across ideas.

Commlink: /comm [Name] [dialouge] This would look something like this
/comm Buzz There's a womprat in my boot!
In game, would look something like this:
Comm-Buzz: There's a womprat in my boot!

Emotes: /me [emote]
In game, would look something like this.
::looking through the telescope, he would gasp as he notices a brand new star::
Hope this helps and happy role playing!
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