How to get started?

Please post here to get help with RPMod (only!)
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How to get started?

Post by Joseph »

Hi I just joined and I was wondering where do I first start in order to join this?
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Re: How to get started?

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Hey there!

First it should be noted that this part of the Forum is help specifically for the roleplay mod the community uses, and you're better off starting a thread in the ooc discussion part of the forum instead!

But I can say that you should first take a look at:

To get started!, then get this (for people's skins! Put the contents in your base folder or JEDI folder after downloading rpmod!):

Aswell as this (the roleplay mod in question, you'll need it to download important stuff aswell as joining temple!) ... t-released

And just join in on temple and get to meet people and roleplay!
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