418.25 // Changes within the Council

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Aranna Vaan
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418.25 // Changes within the Council

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Greetings members of JEDI,

We regret to inform you that Jedi Councilor Caerith Lhot has parted ways with the High Council of the Jedi Order. His service has been appreciated in the turbulent years since he ascended to his role and his presence and leadership will be missed.

Master Kiara O'ren of the Rannon praxium has been offered the vacant seat and has accepted. Given this, Master Kiara O'ren will be a sitting member of the High Council. Please be sure to send your congratulations next you see her.

She will now post a personal message below. If anyone has any questions or concerns you are free to contact us and we shall do our best to provide you with answers.

May the Force be with you.

- The Jedi Council

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Kiara O'ren
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Re: 418.25 // Changes within the Council

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Fellow Jedi,

The Council has seen fit that I continue my service to the Order by renewing my mandate to be among their number. I am honored but must admit that it has been a tremendous amount of work. However, no one ever claimed that following the Will of the Force was an easy business. What makes it bearable is the resilience I have learned within these halls and observing my fellow Jedi persist, through training and discipline, throughout these times of uncertainty in the Outer Rim.

As before, when I was first introduced to the Council, I rededicate myself to the oath of serving the Force and the Order. If any find reason I am falling short, I expect to be informed immediately as it is to you that I am accountable.

May the Force be with you,
-Jedi Knight Kiara O'ren

((I hope to work together with all of you to make the upcoming year a great one, in JEDI. My personal goals in this regard are as follows. Empower members who seek to introduce positive changes, recognize and reward the sheer effort I see being put in, and make JEDI members feel valued and that the community is valuable so that it earns the time and effort you all put in. I plan to promote collaboration as much as feasible. We are a community. Let us not lose sight of that.))
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