Hopeful Introductions

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Vuren Nilim
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Re: Hopeful Introductions

Post by Vuren Nilim »

Hi everybody!

I'm Vuren Nilim, born Vuren'ilim, a Twi'lek from Ryloth's upper middle class who's never gone outside of the homes of a mountain city. I'm about 11 years old and I'm very eager to learn all these new and strange things!

((As of now I use the orange twi'lek youngling model, Vuren is ember-colored with dark green eyes, he is taller than average, his right lekku, Tchin, goes around under his neck resting on his back, his left lekku, Tchun, rests over his chest. He wears a bejeweled headdress as the only thing he keeps from before the Jedi Order.))
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Ahsha Lorrenis
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Re: Hopeful Introductions

Post by Ahsha Lorrenis »

I did it. I mean, Vuren helped me, but I am writting this myself, I learned how to write this winter and also I can read a whole page of a book, mommy was really proud and daddy promised I can also read the news with him when the winter comes, but if I stay here then I will call him to read the news for him since he is usually busy in the evenings when we have free time but it is so nice and I am happy to meet you all!

((Good day, I've had a few days of RP so hopefully I have seen a few of you.

Ahsha is a Sephi girl of about six, give or take, your average girl in a non average galaxy. It's actually a crazy intro with all the stuff that happened, and this is said in a positive light!

I'll be using the youngling human model from the pack, and if I get initiated I might snag something from JKHUB. But that's for the future! Wish me luck! <3 ))
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Saay Na
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Re: Hopeful Introductions

Post by Saay Na »

I formally greet you.
I am Saay Na, I hail from the scientific planet of Kamino. It is accepted to inquire about the species in which I belong.
It is my understanding that the task of learning is something I must complete.
This is acceptable.

It is my calculation that I shall encounter each and every sentinent-specimen residing in the facility.

((I finally posted my bio - hype! I've met most of you, and I look forward to meeting more pals in game ;)

Cheers and kindest regards,

Name Saay Na
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Homeworld Kamino
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Re: Hopeful Introductions

Post by Hyperion »

Greetings, I am Prince Ongaar from the planet Arrochar.
I have recently arrived at your temple and be happy to meet you all.
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Re: Hopeful Introductions

Post by Lars »

I'm having someone else type this up for me, since I'm blind.

Hey, guys. I'm Lars Killan. Hopefully I'll get to see you all soon, pun-entirely intended. But, all jokes aside, as for finding out why exactly I'm here, I'm looking forward to it.. Okay, I'll stop now.

(OOC: Hey guys. Third time's the charm, right? I've grown up a lot since my first time here, so here's to a clean slate and some fun RP. I'll hopefully be seeing you all soon.)
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Victor Blackheart
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Re: Hopeful Introductions

Post by Victor Blackheart »

Hey everyone ! I hope you are having fantastic day ! My name is Victor Blackheart I have only recently arrived at your temple ! And I look forward to meeting you all !

((OOC Hey folks ! Good to meet you I originally joined in 2012 but I was not in to heavy RP as I am today ! I really look forward to meeting all of you ! :D )
Dvolan Tal
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Re: Hopeful Introductions

Post by Dvolan Tal »

Well met, everyone! I am Dvolan Tal representing the wonderful world of Empress Teta! I’m 12! I can’t wait to meet all of you!

((OOC: I feel the same way!))
Rhys Cardin
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Re: Hopeful Introductions

Post by Rhys Cardin »


i am rhys and i am six.


((OOC: Been around this place a few times, coming back to see what fun can be had! Ishani on the discord server.))
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Re: Hopeful Introductions

Post by Kei-Ran »

hey everyone,

my Name is Kei-Ran Savam! I'm a 12 year old Zabrak from Iridonia.

I'm looking forward to study, learn the ways of the Jedi and hang out with everyone of you!

See you than!
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Re: Hopeful Introductions

Post by Virea »


This is Virea
You know who she is by now

Not because I am arrogant, but because I wrote late :lol:

See you online :)
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Nulin Sulor
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Re: Hopeful Introductions

Post by Nulin Sulor »

Hello there!
Nik Sulor, looking forward to the learning and potential. I hope to visit more of the galaxy and see what everything is about!
I'm 11, nautolan, and from Glee Anselm, a wonderful planet to swim through and enjoy!

I hope to see you all in time!
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Sorvali Solusar
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Re: Hopeful Introductions

Post by Sorvali Solusar »

(( My character is Sorvali Solusar, Keshiri female. I'm using the purple Twi'lek youngling model temporarily to best represent the species, but I have at least one skin prepared so I can switch out of this Twi'lek one.

Sorvali is currently 7 years old.

Looking forward to future RP's and appreciating a chance to be back around this community. I just enjoy the stories and the company, so that's what I'm here for: to help that to carry on and be a part of it once more.

Thanks for the fun so far in the last week. Also, I'd appreciate if someone could DM me the Discord info at some point! :) ))
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Cadris Vayn
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Re: Hopeful Introductions

Post by Cadris Vayn »

Hello everyone!

My character is Cadris Vayn. He’s is a 10 year old Zabrak and arrived about a week ago.

Looking forward to meeting more of you all and enjoying some RP together!

Thanks, take care!
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Re: Hopeful Introductions

Post by Ashla »

(( Hello! I play Ashla! She's a six year old Togruta Hopeful from Shili!

She's a pink togruta with white and violet highlights! She has "butterfly" montrals, AKA the ones that are more low and swoopy! Finally, one can always assume she's bare foot currently unless stated otherwise!

She's excited to explore the temple, and she can often be found trying to climb trees. Please feel free to poke me for RP if you see me about!))
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Re: Hopeful Introductions

Post by Spideranakin »

Hi everyone! My name is Gruthan Duevara. I was born and lived on a small farm on Lothal. I really like watching Grav-Ball, it’s one of my favorite sports! My father use to play Grav-Ball, but he works on the farm now. I hope to see him again to learn my about the sport someday.

I got to meet Master Zendu last night after having trouble sleeping. He was very nice, he showed me all the cool rooms and more! My favorite room was the arena, it looks like they have a lot of fun there!

I can’t wait to meet more people and make more friends…

((Hey guys. I just want to say I am so excited to meet y’all. I have some role playing experience, like D&D, ESO, Gmod, etc. anyways I can’t wait to be apart of JEDI. See y’all soon.))
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