438.12 // New High Councilor

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438.12 // New High Councilor

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Greetings fellow Jedi,

Pent Desh has accepted appointment to the Jedi High Council. This is in recognition of successful completion of his trial period as a Local Councilor and in acknowledgement of the dedication he has shown to the Order. They will now post a personalized message below.

- The JEDI Council.

((Pent's dedication to the community is unparalleled. His positive attitude, combined with the knowledge he has accumulated about JEDI and JKA over the years, lends itself to him being a strong candidate to lead JEDI into the future. It has been a pleasure to have him serve on Council and will be an honor to continue to do so.


The Jedi Council of Duneeden

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Pent Desh
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Re: 438.12 // New High Councilor

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The trust and confidence given me since I re-rolled as a Thakwaash (of all things) to start this journey afresh as Pent has been nothing but short of incredible. I can still think back to my earliest conversations with Siri and the other Councilors at the time, and framing everything with "Look I know this sounds crazy but hear me out..." And they did!

I've been given countless opportunities to help create the experiences that are being crafted by our community, and I am both excited and humbled every time someone pops into my DM's with a "Hey can I show you something I'm working on?" A few of you have even gotten wise and stopped asking before sending because you know I love to see it. :D

Many of you know my work IRL is administrative and technical in nature, and while those are strengths I'll bring to bear for this position, I don't want anyone to think that I'm not interested in being on the server and role-playing. Servers and services are useless without users.

At the risk of repeating myself, I'm here to make some Star Wars happen; and I've been entrusted with rights and privileges in pursuit of that goal. My charge and my hope is to use what has been entrusted with me to enable each and every one of you to visit a galaxy far far away.
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