[Rules & Protocol] Joining JEDI

((JEDI Rules & Tips to help you get the best start within the community))
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[Rules & Protocol] Joining JEDI

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~ Joining JEDI ~
The following includes information that applicants need to know before applying for JEDI membership.

I. General Information

We are a strict role play community that strives for realism while still encouraging creativity. Joining JEDI requires an investment into both your character and the community. If you wish to become a Jedi, studying the ways of the Force and willing to go through the difficulties and trials that come with it, then this is the place for you.

Before applying for JEDI, you must read our rules for both the server and the forums, which are located here: Code of Conduct.

Once you have finished reading the rules, it's time to begin creating your character. While you are free to join the server before creating an application, it's highly recommended you read the available material on character creation. This will help you avoid making any mistakes that would require correcting, including the erasing/voiding of role-play for continuity purposes. Click the link below to view the guide: Character Creation Guide.

In JEDI, the bulk of your character's progression will take place after initiation, should your application be accepted. For this reason, the use of Force techniques by your character in your biography and during the Hopeful stage is discouraged and will result in your application possibly being rejected. The same applies to Hopeful characters who demonstrate expertise in advanced fields of knowledge. Those most successful in JEDI are members and applicants who properly role-play their learning experiences, in-game. Realistic character progression is a focus of JEDI.

The mention of midi-chlorian counts are strictly prohibited. While applicants can mention they were tested for Force sensitivity using more traditional methods, they are to give no specifics of the results in their biography or in-game.

Once you've created your character, please send a private message to the Council Secretary Droid containing:
  • Your character's species, age and homeworld. Please note that the age range for new applicants is 5-12 years old. We do not initiate adult characters. Note that you will not age during the hopeful stage.
  • Your character's backstory. Biographies must be at least 300 words, in third person, use past-tense narration and cannot include an excess of dialogue.
  • Your timezone. This is simply for reference, as we accept people from all over the world.
  • If you have applied or have been a member of JEDI before, please state all previous character names. Responses can remain strictly Council knowledge at the request of the applicant.
  • Some information in regards to your mindset in pursuing membership within JEDI.

    Copy the following section into your private message and answer the questions accordingly:

    Code: Select all

    [b][u]In-Character Information[/u][/b]
    [b]Character Name[/b]:
    [b]Character Age[/b]:
    [b][u]Out-of-Character Information[/u][/b]
    [b]Previous JEDI Character Names (if applicable)[/b]:
    [b]What do you hope to achieve in the role-playing experience?[/b]
    [b]What would you like your character to achieve during their time with the Order?[/b]
Click here to view the Council Secretary Droid account.

The purpose of this application is to show us your role play ability, your creativity and to get a first impression of you. The Council will choose those who are judged worthy of becoming a Jedi. The Council asks that you do not message us in regards to the status of your application as we purposefully allow a decent period to judge an applicant's acceptability for JEDI. In the meantime, join the server and actively demonstrate your role playing ability. Show good behavior both on the server and the Comport. This will help us notice you and get to know you better.

If you are determined to become a Jedi, the path before you is arduous. Not all will be able to complete the trials that lie ahead. While we will try to help you along the way, it is up to you to show us what you can do.

II. Consult a Mentor

As JEDI undergoes many advances in its independent lore, it can sometimes be difficult for hopefuls to write biographies that are consistent and engaged. To help, we have a regularly updated list of Knights and Masters below who are willing to assist hopefuls with their applications before submitting it to the Council. To request the assistance of any of the below mentors, send them a private message over the Comport.

In addition to providing assistance, the listed mentors are available to use in your biography as a device that explains how your character was brought to the Rannon Praxeum. If you want to use one of the names below you will need to ask for their permission and then consult with them regarding the circumstances in which they discovered your character. If one of the mentors, for whatever reason, turns you away then you are welcomed to private message another and seek their assistance instead.

Once you have finalized a draft biography after consulting a mentor, you can submit your application to the Council normally, as outlined in the introduction above.

The current mentors available for consultation are:

Jedi Master Delmi N'jork Jedi Master Teynara Jeralyr Jedi Master Mirkal Jedi Knight Rhuacca Jedi Knight Rozea Lhot Note that mentors do not exercise creative control over your application and are merely there to allow the use of their character in a hopeful's biography, in a mutually agreeable fashion, and point out major conflicts in lore. Additionally, mentors can answer any questions a hopeful may have about the community and the application process.

~ RPmod & Accounts ~

The JEDI clan operates its own and currently exclusive server mod, called RPMod (courtesy of the former High Councilor Soh Raun), which makes alterations to the base Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy programming and utilizes code from the Open Jedi Project to make the game more suitable for a realistic and cinematic role-play experience. RPMod is worked on freely for the enhanced betterment and enjoyment of JEDI's role playing and gaming experience. Thus, there are no maintained or set schedule for released updates or minor modifications.

For more information on RPmod's features, click here.

RPmod includes an account system that lets players personalize their Force templates to match in-character development. Guests and Hopefuls do not receive a RPmod account unless they require one for model scaling purposes. If you have a personal skin for your character and are in need of a custom height to reflect your child character, then you will require a RPmod account. All other features, such as the XP system, purchasing Force powers and acquiring a lightsaber, are strictly for members only. This is by design, serving as an anti-lamer measure should unwanted guests come onto the servers. Additionally, not everyone in the Star Wars universes carries a lightsaber or is Force sensitive.

When requesting a RPmod account, which can be included in your application to the Council Secretary Droid, you will need to note your desired model scale (default for children is '65') as well as a password, that is cap-sensitive, of your choice. Please note that your password does not need to be the same as your Comport login, as your RPmod account is separate to your comport access. RPmod usernames tend to simply be the first name of an applicant's character and all in lower case. For more information on accounts, please visit this page: The Council, Helpers & Accounts.

Model scales must be consistent with the physical and biological traits of your character. When requesting or considering a long term plan for your character's height or growth, be sure to note the relative height differences regarding age, gender and species. To view the model conversion chart, click here.

~ Restrictions ~

I. Banned Species

The following lists the current species not allowed to applicants. Applying with one of the following will carry a high risk of having one's application denied based on species alone and can also result in forceful removal from the server.
  • Kushiban
  • Clawdite
  • Polydroxol
  • Felacatian
  • Jawa
  • Ewok
  • Dazouri
  • Lahsbee
  • Mikan
  • Diathim
  • Shard
  • Neti
  • Talortai
  • Yoda's species
  • Omnipotent species
  • Non-intelligent species
  • Permanent cybernetic enhancements (any species)
This current list may be subject to updates over time.

Note: The use of these species as extra/secondary characters will require special consideration from the Council for existing members - as each species has been banned for varying reasons.

II. Banned Planets

The following lists the current planets/systems banned to applicants. While additional planets may be temporarily unavailable as a homeworld based on arcs taking place at the time of the application, the worlds listed have been banned indefinitely.
  • Korriban
  • Ziost
  • Dromund Kaas
  • Dagohbah
  • Vjun
  • Byss
  • Malachor V
  • Lake Natth on Ambria
  • Alderaan
This current list may be subject to update over time.

Note: These planets are also not freely available to current members for events and arcs. In addition, extensive knowledge on them is not available to the Jedi Order from an in-character perspective. The use of these worlds or the mention of explicit details on their history will require special consideration from the Council.

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