JEDI Weapons & Hilts // 6 July 2019

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JEDI Weapons & Hilts // 6 July 2019

Post by The Jedi Council » Thu Jan 24, 2008 4:18 pm

Updated: 389.06 ABY (6 July 2019)
Maintainer: Delmi N'jork

Please do not reply to this thread. Send questions and requests by PM to the maintainer.

  • DOWNLOAD JEDI_Weapons.pk3

    DOWNLOAD JEDI_Hilts.pk3

  • Place JEDI_Weapons.pk3 & JEDI_Hilts.pk3 into your Jedi Academy\Gamedata\JEDI folder (which also enables future auto-downloads) or use the RPMod launcher to update.
  • If you still have the old JEDIWeaponPack.pk3, please delete it, as well as any other previous packs.
  • In game, open the Profile menu and click the Saber button to browse the list of sabers. The basic training lightsabers appear in yellow in this list, melee weapons in white, and datapads in cyan.

    Some weapons do not show up in the list.

    To use hidden weapons, open up the console by holding Shift + ~ (on a QWERTY keyboard). Then type in /saber followed by the code for the lightsaber. Below is the public weapon list. For a full list of all hilts in the pack, please download the attachment.
Training versions are in yellow.

Public Hilt List:
  • Standard Hilts
    1. single_1 | t1 (Arbiter)
    2. single_2 | t2 (Retaliator)
    3. single_3 | t3 (Consul)
    4. single_4 | t4 (Adept)
    5. single_5 | t5 (Praetor)
    6. single_6 | t6 (Sentinel)
    7. single_7 | t7 (Adjudicator)
    8. single_8 | t8 (Defender)
    9. single_9 | t9 (Firebrand)
    10. dual_1 | td1 (Guardian)
    11. dual_2 | td2 (Avenger)
    12. dual_3 | td3 (Vindicator)
    13. dual_4 | td4 (Champion)
    14. dual_5 | td5 (Vanquisher)
  • Vibroweapons
    1. vibro (Vibroblade)
    2. vibro-e (Echani Vibroblade)
    3. vibro-m (Mandalorian Vibroblade)
    4. vibro-a (Antique Vibroblade)
  • Student Hilts
    1. t_full | t_main (Basic Hilt)
    2. t_young (Youngling Hilt)
  • Training Staves
    1. t_staff1 (Bo Staff 1)
    2. t_staff2 (Bo Staff 2)
    3. t_staff3 (Bo Staff 3)
  • Electrostaves
    1. electrostaff
    2. electrostaff2
  • Datapads
    1. datapad
    2. datapad2
    3. datapad3
    4. datapad4
  • Props
    1. comlink
    2. comlink2
  • Faction Weapons
    1. Imperium Pike
    2. Imperial Knights
    3. Temple Guard Department
    4. Jedi Shadow Department
Resident's List:
  • Included Hilts:
    1. Aiden Kezeron
    2. Ber-til Keztor
    3. Delmi N'jork
    4. Dreshin Bralor
    5. Fenn Rahm
    6. Isane Fenris
    7. Jana Haren
    8. Maeve Lotharie
    9. Mirkal
    10. Narael Undine
    11. Nodo Salar
    12. Rhuacca
    13. Joran Fayara
    14. Sirius Invictus
    15. Soh Raun
    16. Tenal Keleko
    17. Teynara Jeralyr
    18. Tharon Jivler
    19. Tiber Reman
    20. Trin Oniron
    21. Kadvarr Tirladdik
    22. Tycho Varga
    23. Valgam Freestar
    24. Vania Fost
    25. Vlihu Civuq
    26. Wen Ordo
    27. Xayr'ka Atreus
    28. Yyn Zet Ari
    29. Zakarie Di'Vosk
    30. Zechs Demming
Hilt Inclusion List.txt (Update coming soon)
For the listing of codes for member hilts, please use the reference file.
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Request Instructions

Post by Syrena Exan » Tue Nov 17, 2015 7:12 pm


The JEDI Hilt Pack is intended for residents who have constructed or obtained their own personal hilt in roleplay, having moved on from the basic training hilt.

It is the responsibility of the resident to obtain their redesigns. The maintainer will look for bugs in the .sab and .shader files and fix them to ensure the pack works correctly, but it is always helpful when things are submitted in working order. Please test your hilt thoroughly before submitting it for inclusion.

If you are unsure where to begin, here is a helpful page:
.sab Files Explained

Fill out the form below and PM it to the Pack Maintainer. Use this same form to report any bugs found in the pack, ignoring fields that do not apply to the bug.

Code: Select all

[b]Resident's Name:[/b] 
[b]Hilt Name (if applicable):[/b] 
[b]Should this hilt show up in the menu?[/b] 
[b]Did this hilt previously belong to another character?[/b] 
[b]Choice of Sounds:[/b] 
[b]Link to desired hilt, or attachment of files:[/b] 
[b]Which hilt is changing hands?[/b]
[b]Are there any bugs?[/b]

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Re: JEDI Weapons & Hilts // 13 June 2019

Post by Delmi N'jork » Thu Jun 13, 2019 8:40 pm

A few quick points for future packs:
  • From here on out, characters will be limited to 3 hilts. This does not include Departmental hilts as they are generally not personalised. This is to save space in the pack and assets in general.
  • Until otherwise noted, personalised or additional sounds will not be added. This too is to save space.
  • The "due by" date for future updates will be strict, meaning that if you miss said date, you will have to wait until the next pack release for you addition, update or removal. This is to lessen the time between due date and when the pack is rolled out. The majority of updates/additions for this release was done after my original due date which prolonged the pack's deployment.
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Re: JEDI Weapons & Hilts // 13 June 2019

Post by Delmi N'jork » Mon Aug 05, 2019 10:54 pm

The hilt pack is pending deployment and will be live on the servers as soon as it's deployed! The changes are as follows:
  • Xin's addition.
  • Nidus's addition.
  • Serbithar's addition.
  • Aranna's addition.
  • Daegon's addition/edits.
  • Sirius's edits.
  • Delmi's edits.
  • Removal of Joran's hilt (by request).
  • Changes to several sabers to conform to the new guidelines.
If there are any catastrophic failures, please let me know as soon as possible. Smaller bugs (non-immersion breaking), if there are any, will be fixed in the next update.

Happy sabering!
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