Categories of Missions

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Categories of Missions

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~ Categories of Missions ~

> See also: Being a Storyline Writer

1- Main storyline missions:
  • Requirements: Era Coordinator.
  • Description: These are the main missions of JEDI storyline, approved and managed by the "Era coordinator", and include the highest level of freedom in the Galaxy evolution. Even though the Era Coordinator is given of the highest freedom in developing this kind of storyline, it is always advisable not to conflict with secondary storylines that may be running parallel within the JEDI Era. For example, destroying a planet in which a mini-plot is being RPed, without the consent of who is running this secondary storyline, would be a detriment to the overall RP possibilities).

    The Era Coordinator is a position held by a single member for an indefinite amount of time.
2- Secondary storylines missions (or mini-plots)
  • Requirements: Knight rank or above + Council's permission.
  • Description: Mini-plots consist of a series of missions based around a certain storyline that run parallel to the main storyline. Mini-plots must be approved by the Council first, but generally will be approved if they do not contain controversial content (i.e. - Sith or major Galactic changes) and stick mostly to localized conflicts. These plots are designed to influence the overall evolution of the Galaxy and represent the many things occuring at any one time in our Era.

    In order to obtain the necessary approval to run these mini-plots, the Knight or Master who is the author of the plot must submit a request to the Council, describing the details and flow of the plot, including an estimated timeline for how it will be implemented. The Council will then briefly review these details and analyze its compatibility with other plots run at the same time.
    If the response is positive, the author will be allowed to run his/her plot with the help of the Councilors and any other member wherever necessary. Access to the Mission forums and groups will be granted, and HoloNews can be published by contacting the Council. For lengthy storylines involving several writers/contributors, a dedicated forum can be created to facilitate collaboration.

    The Council and Era Coordinator retain the right to reorient the storyline shall the need arise, for instance in case of conflict with other storylines.
3- Single missions
  • Requirements: Knight rank or above.
  • Description: These missions consist of a single situation which resolves itself by the conclusion. The plot does not continue past the end of the mission and does not influence any other plots being run at the same time.

    Despite centering around small-scale situations, they can be very useful for creating Master-Padawan outings. These missions do not necessarily need to be organized on the Comport ahead of time and likely can be easily run by a single mission administrator. However, when necessary, a thread can be opened in the JEDI Discussion forum to invite other members to participate.

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