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Change log

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Normal Commands:
  • [IMP] /rpclientconfig updated to allow toggling the "load/save player settings (cvars) to Account" feature.
Admin Commands:
  • [NEW] /rplock replaces /rpsecuritydoor to lock doors, triggers and NPC vehicles by entity num or target name (more reliable).
  • [NEW] /npc hologram subcommand can turn any NPC/Vehicle into a non-solid hologram, optionally with a projector.
  • [IMP] /rpmodel can now make a model solid.
  • [IMP] /rpnotify can now include a <timer> element in the message, that will be displayed as a countdown on screen.
  • [IMP] /rpsound now supports targeted (non-global) looping sounds, e.g. for cantina music or running water.
  • [IMP] /rpdump now supports dumping looping sounds.
  • [IMP] /npc spawn now allows specifying a custom model scale.
  • [IMP] /npc commands allow manipulating NPCs by ID (as seen in /npc list) in addition to target name.
  • [IMP] /rpgive, /rpmerc, /rpempower, /rpprotect, /rpmasterprotect commands can now be executed on all players.
  • [IMP] /noclip, /notarget, /nodraw, /nonsolid commands are now logged.
General (client + server):
  • [NEW] New "Physical Fitness" and "Force Attunement" powers to increase max Health/Force pools and regen rates (see Force Powers description).
  • [NEW] Load/save player settings (model, sabers, etc.) in Account when logging in/out (can be disabled with /rpclientconfig).
  • [NEW] Support for OJP CloakingVehicles (use Force button to enable cloak on supported vehicles).
  • [NEW] Allow switching weapons when the lightsaber is dropped.
  • [IMP] Increased maximum vehicle extensions size to 512 KB to allow loading more vehicles.
  • [FIX] Fix lastLocalLoginDate lost after account update, sometimes preventing new users from logging in.
  • [FIX] Fix /rpaccountinfo resetting accounts in use.

  • [NEW] Optimize ConfigStrings usage by clearing referenced paks.
  • [IMP] Add debug logging to connect/disconnect/userinfo client commands.
  • [FIX] Increase q3infoboom patch userinfo size limit from 383 to 511, to avoid truncating info like rpc_clientVersion.
  • [FIX] Filter out separator char from RPCS values.

  • [IMP] Add client/server command logging to a debug log, and increase the log buffer size to avoid truncating.
  • [NEW] Widescreen HUD support.
  • [NEW] High resolution fonts and HUD assets.
  • [NEW] Allow configuring custom display size in Setup menus.
  • [NEW] New Account tab for user authentication and profile overview.
  • [NEW] Include Community assets in game updates (e.g. servers maps and player skins) when logged in.
  • [NEW] Support in-game autologin when logged in the Launcher (Single Sign-On).
  • [NEW] Support OpenJK MP executable (automatically detected).
  • [NEW] Support delta (partial) downloads to speed up updates.
  • [IMP] Improved support for Steam when launching RPMod (no need to configure Steam or leave the Launcher anymore!)
  • [IMP] Display player name colors in server info panel.
  • [IMP] Improve error reporting in Servers and Updates tabs.


Normal Commands:
  • [NEW] /rpregister command and UI button to register a new account
  • [NEW] /rpdrop command to drop weapons or items (replaces /rpdropweapon)
  • [NEW] /rpdice command to roll a dice with an optional modifier
Admin Commands:
  • [NEW] /rpmodel command to spawn arbitrary map objects (md3 models)
  • [NEW] /rpgive command to give health, armor, ammo, weapon or item to a player
  • [NEW] /rpuse command to use (activate) a target by its targetname (replaces t_use)
  • [NEW] /noclip, /notarget, /nodraw and /nonsolid commands are now admin commands (instead of cheat commands) and can be used on another player
  • [NEW] /rpdump and /rpschedule commands are now admin commands (instead of server commands)
  • [IMP] /rpdump improved to list/save/load dumps in a dedicated folder
  • [IMP] /rpdump improved to dump as many settings as possible
  • [IMP] /rpdump improved to reset the map's state to its defaults
  • [IMP] /rpshader now supports position/scale/fading for overlays
  • [IMP] /rpcentersay now expects a duration parameter (in seconds)
  • [IMP] /rpgivexp now accepts an arbitrary comment when giving XP
  • [IMP] /rpsound now allows playing local and targeted sounds, in addition to global sounds
  • [IMP] /rpspawnpoint improved to allow resetting the map's default spawnpoints
General (client + server):
  • [NEW] Support for up to 64 players (thanks to BobaFett) (on server, use Cvar rp_maxClients instead of sv_maxclients)
  • [NEW] Completely rework the Profile UI with tabs, account info and a login box
  • [NEW] Add support for more text colors between ^8 and ^9, ^a and ^z, and ^A and ^Z
  • [NEW] Add new help menu with colors codes and server commands information (available from menu bar and /rphelp)
  • [NEW] Implement version compatibility check server-side and client-side
  • [IMP] Include extended animations pack from JEDI (thanks to Vantus Fayden)
  • [NEW] Make health regen time configurable globally and by level
  • [NEW] Add a rp_disableDrowning Cvar to disable player drowning
  • [NEW] Add a rp_disableTeleEffect Cvar to make teleportation instantaneous
  • [NEW] Guest account support with 'rp_accounts_guestAccount' Cvar
  • [NEW] Automatically save the last map in a Cvar (lastmap)
  • [NEW] Support disabling accounts
  • [NEW] Auto-pruning of old unused accounts to make room for new ones
  • [NEW] Always login through the Account Manager when available, store password locally for offline login on success
  • [NEW] Pass the "requester" username to all Account Manager calls for proper logging
  • [NEW] Add GZIP support via zlib to the Account Manager and enable request compression by default
  • [NEW] Add IPv6 support to the Account Manager
  • [NEW] Add crash handler from OJP (print stack trace in logs when a crash occurs)
  • [IMP] Support for up to 16 ranks and admin ranks
  • [IMP] Make teleportation instantaneous for 'nodraw' players
  • [IMP] Provide default rp_accounts_AM_serviceURL Cvar value for easier configuration
  • [IMP] Make Sys_LoadDll() load from fs_cdpath
  • [FIX] Avoid infinite loop in Cmd_FollowCycle_f when there is no player to follow
  • [FIX] Restrict /callvote arguments to avoid exploits
  • [FIX] Log /rpban and /rpkick action before dropping the client, as otherwise the IP address is lost and appears as
  • [FIX] Always reset text color to white (^7) after displaying the netname in admin command logs
  • [FIX] Concurrent scheduled commands corrupt each other
  • [FIX] Stop all dialogs in progress before re-parsing them with /rpparsedialogs
  • [FIX] Embedded patch for q3infoboom exploit (thanks to Luigi Auriemma and BobaFett)
  • [FIX] Ensure the IP address is available during the first client connection (could be a userinfo overflow unban attempt)
  • [FIX] Reject callvote commands with \n or \r (hacking attempt)
  • [FIX] Fix a potential race condition in gSOAP's tcp_gethost() function when running with certain versions of glibc.
  • [NEW] New RPMod Launcher for easy game launching and updating of game assets
  • [NEW] Smooth zooming (altering cg_fov) with +button12/+button13 and Cvars rpc_zoomSpeed/rpc_zoomSmoothing
  • [NEW] Display current player info in top-right hand corner in TFFA gametype (like in FFA)
  • [NEW] Disable the "SPECTATOR" center text and the "press ESC and choose JOIN" bottom text
  • [NEW] No longer display "Following <xxx>" in spectator (info available in top-right hand corner)
  • [NEW] Disable printing of useless "Welcome player #" info on loading screen
  • [NEW] New splash screens
  • [IMP] Replace TGA icons with new PNG ones (slightly improved)
  • [FIX] Always show the Force corona in crosshair (not only when holding a saber)
  • [FIX] Reload language strings at mod startup to make sure custom RPMod strings are loaded.
  • [FIX] Avoid buffer overflow when parsing big PlayerChoice.txt
  • [FIX] Replace buggy powf() implementation with CRT pow() and adjust cg_thirdPersonCamera/TargetDamp in consequence


General (client + server):
  • [NEW] /rpshader remap (change a shader on-the-fly)
  • [NEW] /rpshader overlay (display fullscreen shaders)
  • [NEW] Allow toggling the JK2 RDFA move per-client (with /rpclientconfig)
  • [IMP] Communicate server commands to clients for auto-completion
  • [IMP] Stay crouched when talking
  • [NEW] Deprecate /rpinfoitem in favor of /rpnotify
  • [NEW] Add /rpmap restart to restart the current map faster (optionally with a delay)
  • [NEW] Externalize all player emotes in the emotes.dat file
  • [NEW] Re-parse emotes on-the-fly server-side with /rpparseemotes
  • [NEW] Reduce saber reflection randomization to +/- 0.1 (instead of 0.2) for Saber Defense Level 4/5
  • [NEW] Support for executing the vote when timing out with a majority of 'yes' among voters
  • [IMP] Only stop powers that changed when updating them
  • [IMP] Move say_admin/say_clan/say_bond/comm/me to the RPMod commands system, to benefit from the Help system and auto-completion
  • [IMP] Extend the number of characters allowed in the "New Favorite" dialog to be able to type domain names, like
  • [FIX] Bolted effects were not cleared with /rpeffect remove bolted <player>


Normal Commands:
  • [NEW] /minimize command to minimize JKA (can be bound to a key - works on Windows only)
Admin Commands:
  • [NEW] /rpcinematic command to make clients play a cinematic (ROQ file) in full screen
General (client + server):
  • [NEW] /rpcinematic command to make clients play a cinematic (ROQ file) in full screen
  • [NEW] RPMod-specific ConfigStrings (RPCS) separated from the rest to avoid 'MAX_GAMESTATE_CHARS exceeded' error
  • [IMP] Increase all directory listing buffers to 8192 chars, to be able to read more files (sabers, skins, vehicles, dialogs, etc.)
  • [IMP] Increase the parser buffer to 512 kB (this is for you, Corinth)
  • [FIX] Let spectators in 'hologram with projector mode' move freely
  • [FIX] Remove outdated one-time BoltedFX instead of playing them too late
  • [FIX] Always close files when their length exceeds the parse buffer, to avoid locking them
  • [NEW] Support stopping the background music with '/rpmusic none'
  • [NEW] Support combo emote+me commands (like /emyes nods)
  • [IMP] Changed/new dialog placeholders: player num|netname|username|fullname and npc targetname|fullname
  • [IMP] Dialog placeholders are now parsed in choices and text, in addition to actions
  • [IMP] Support fading Commlink messages correctly (only emitter and target see them, if the target is a client)
  • [IMP] Log client number and account username executing the action in accounts.log
  • [IMP] Log server/rcon admin commands in games.log
  • [FIX] The total ConfigStrings length was miscalculated
  • [FIX] /rpupdateaccounts didn't exit properly when accounts/AM is disabled

  • [IMP] Support a kind of compression in BG_JoinIntArrayToString (cut trailing zeroes)
  • [IMP] Compress Force power strings in ConfigStrings when possible, to help against the 'MAX_GAMESTATE_CHARS exceeded' error
  • [IMP] Allow loading more bot and arena files (extend the directory listing buffer)

  • [FIX] A debouncing bug in the Security Doors could kick people standing near locked doors with a Server Command Overflow message.
  • [NEW] New /minimize command to minimize JKA (can be bound to a key - works on Windows only)
  • [IMP] Stop the background music when CS_MUSIC is empty (avoid an error message)
  • [IMP] Increased the max number of 3-parts player models to 128
  • [FIX] Maintain the BoltedFX pool before adding a new FX (avoid overflows)
  • [FIX] Allow killing unknown looping FX (beyond the known maximum)
  • [FIX] UI: make sure the ghoul2 handle is valid before setting the model skin (avoid crash)


Normal Commands:
  • [NEW] /nonsolid (cheat only)
  • [IMP] /rpclientconfig (support toggling features)
Admin Commands:
  • [NEW] /npc dialog (associate a dialog with an NPC)
  • [NEW] /npc tele (teleport a single or group of NPCs)
  • [IMP] /npc freeze (single or group of NPCs)
  • [IMP] /rpmusic (display current music)
  • [IMP] /rpweather (new syntax)
  • [IMP] /rpeffect (bolted FX support)
  • [IMP] /rpsecuritydoor shownums (show door numbers when opening them)
General (client + server):
  • [NEW] Allow using Force Push and Lightning when using Hold/Grip
  • [NEW] Support bolted effects (FX attached to a player or NPC) via /rpeffect (breaks compatibility with 0.4.0 and below)
  • [IMP] Extend maximum name length to 63 characters
  • [FIX] Gracefully handle missing Ghoul2 saber models instead of crashing (but display an error)
  • [IMP] Make door numbers appear only to yourself when opening them via /rpsecuritydoor (was previously done globally with a server Cvar)
  • [IMP] Support toggling /rpclientconfig options (with "toggle "or "!")
  • [IMP] Support freezing a single or group of NPCs, or all NPCs globally (like previously)
  • [IMP] Show whether an NPC is frozen in /NPC list
  • [IMP] Display the current background music with /rpmusic (without arguments)
  • [IMP] Changed the /rpweather syntax to support listing effects and removing a single one without removing all of them
  • [FIX] The "yes" vote counter was never reset to 0 when casting a vote from the server-side /callvote
  • [FIX] Automatically approve a vote when there are no players connected
  • [FIX] Identify NPCs as RPMod-capable clients (fixes NPCs bouncing on another NPC's head)
  • [FIX] Handle the "forceGripBeingGrippedBy" better (more like "forceGripEntityNum") to hopefully fix a random crash when using Hold
  • [FIX] Really give the advertised amount of HP/FP when targetting 1 player with Team Heal/Energize
  • [FIX] Only override the Push anim if the Push 360° emote isn't playing

  • [NEW] /npc tele and /npc dialog commands to teleport and change the dialog of an NPC
  • [NEW] New placeholders in dialog actions: playernum, playername, playeraccount, targetname, fullname
  • [FIX] Deny teleporting while following someone in spectator
  • [FIX] Reset the NPC's teamowner to 0 if it's invalid (fixes disappearing TEAM_NEUTRAL NPCs)

  • [FIX] Missing RpVstr command in admin commands list
  • [FIX] 'rpspawnpoint remove all' didn't leave one spawnpoint for safety
  • [FIX] Support removing NPC spawners
  • [FIX] Don't turn head to someone mindtricking you

  • [FIX] Fix an unchecked pointer that could crash the server when spawning unknown NPC with a custom model/skin

  • [NEW] Support killing NPCs by entity number
  • [NEW] Add a /nonsolid cheat command (was previously a debug command)
  • [IMP] Avoid broadcasting commands to people still connecting
  • [IMP] Delay registration of the fx_runner fxFile
  • [IMP] Print InfoItems in the console too
  • [FIX] Give clients a chance to use NPC models unknown to the server
  • [FIX] Fix buffer overflow and missing white color in the Account List

  • [IMP] Support rank restrictions in dialogs
  • [IMP] Make protocol droids always idle
  • [IMP] Increased range for Mind Trick 5
  • [FIX] Bots/NPCs shouldn't attack people in dialog
  • [IMP] Enable ragdoll by default (broadsword 1)
  • [IMP] Support model scaling in holstered weapons
  • [FIX] Draw the crosshair player's name even in fog
  • [FIX] Fix names showing up with Sense 4+ on people with nodraw
  • [FIX] Fix a bug with Sense 4+ showing names of people Mind Tricking you
  • [FIX] Only display the Push 5 bubble when actually using Push, not when blocking
  • [FIX] Cloak holstered weapons too
  • [FIX] Prevent names from displaying beyond their column in the scoreboard


Normal Commands:
  • /me
  • /rpdropweapon (replaced /rpdropsaber)
  • /rpautomove
Admin Commands:
  • /rpinfoitem
  • /rpsecuritydoor
  • /rpvstr
Server (Rcon) Commands:
  • /rpschedule
  • /rpdump
General (client + server):
  • [NEW] Auto-move feature to be able to type while walking
  • [NEW] KOTOR-like dialog system with NPCs, initiated by pressing USE on them.
  • [NEW] VisualWeapons from OJP, with slight improvements
  • [NEW] New "idleInBack" parameter for sabers (like in JA+)
  • [NEW] Support local sounds (initiated by the server but only heard by 1 client)
  • [NEW] Push 5: 360° push, impossible to counter, with animation & effect. Push 4 can't be countered in close range.
  • [NEW] Thunderstorm weather type.
  • [IMP] Commlink beep sound is now played on the receiving players and will fade with the distance; normal chat messsages use another beep.
  • [IMP] Make Sense and Mind Trick 4/5 use a local sound
  • [FIX] Scaled models sometimes crouched after doing an emote close to a wall
  • [FIX] Shortened the account details keys in their ConfigString to avoid a ConfigString overflow, hopefully (incompatible with previous clients)
  • [FIX] Many fixes for vehicle bounding boxes.
  • [NEW] Make /callvote and /giveother available as server (Rcon) commands
  • [NEW] The server will now try to autoexec a script file when loading a map (maps/<mapname>.cfg)
  • [NEW] /rpschedule command to schedule any command at a given time (full absolute / partial absolute / relative)
  • [NEW] /rphelp <command> now working, with detailed help
  • [NEW] /rpinfoitem command to display information in the top-left hand corner (like XP gains, new version, etc.) - useful for missions, and less annoying than /rpcentersay, and the display time can be configured.
  • [NEW] /rpdump command to dump NPCs, spawnpoints, security doors or everything at once in a config file as admin commands (useful to load them automatically at startup)
  • [NEW] Allow specifying an NPC's model/skin in the /npc spawn command (brilliant idea from Gabe)
  • [NEW] /npc emote command to set an emote on all NPCs or a group (targetname)
  • [NEW] /npc follow to make all NPCs or a group (targetname) follow a specific player.
  • [NEW] /npc list command to list all NPCs in a map.
  • [IMP] Keep fall damage with Jump 4/5 when falling on the back.
  • [IMP] Configurable DetPack blow delay
  • [IMP] The AccountManager has been vastly improved and updated to be more stable, better designed and support HTTPS (secure) connections and authentication.
  • [IMP] The securitydoors.dat file has been replaced by a /rpsecuritydoor command
  • [IMP] Don't lock team-specific doors (from team games like siege) in FFA.
  • [IMP] Added "outside" and "inside" parameters to /rpweather to help determine the kind of weather system (use "inside" for maps without weather support)
  • [IMP] Reworked the /rpeffect command to allow spawning fx_runner entities (EFX files), once or looping. This allows you to make explosions, have fire, make rocks fall from above, etc.
  • [IMP] Reworked the /rpsound command arguments to work like /rpeffect
  • [IMP] Increase pistol, blaster, bowcaster, repeater and DEMP2 missile velocity.
  • [IMP] Allow using Push/Pull 4/5 on vehicles!
  • [IMP] Better chat protection
  • [IMP] Hold/Grip improvements: reduce delay before using Hold/Grip again, level 3/5 last 8 seconds and level 4 4 seconds, make Grip 4/5 give 10 dmg/second, use an alternative animation when Holding targets with a lower Jump level than your Hold level, don't holster the target's saber with Hold (but do it with Grip, i.e. level 4/5).
  • [IMP] Mind Trick improvement: only break it with Sense if your Sense level is greater or equal to MT
  • [IMP] File parser framework that nobody cares about but that's good for me.
  • [FIX] Changing the team of a bot didn't update their info and still displayed them in their original team.
  • [FIX] Improve the duel invitation trace and RPMod "EntityInFront" traces to take care of the viewheight (affects Team Heal & Team Energize for example).
  • [FIX] Disable ambient sound sets (by default), as they can lead to choppy sounds and "server command overflow" (they haven't been thought for MP games really)
  • [FIX] Better trace when leaving a vehicle for scaled models, to hopefully avoid getting stuck in the air.
  • [FIX] Added /npc command logging.
  • [FIX] Extended the NPC and Vehicle file list buffer (allows loading more of them)
  • [FIX] Don't drain Force Points when blocking Lightning with a saber if you're already Absorbing.
  • [NEW] Sense 4/5: display player names above their head.
  • [NEW] rpc_disableChatSound and rpc_disableChatBubble Cvars.
  • [IMP] Remove cheat-restriction on cg_thirdPerson* Cvars to make Ctathos happy.
  • [IMP] Add ambient sound effects for rain and wind weather types.
  • [FIX] Fix the team scoreboard to show all players, including spectators.
  • [FIX] Allow loading more skins in the normal and 3-parts skin dialogs.


General (client + server):
  • [NEW] The height at which Wall Grab works now depends on the Jump Level
  • [NEW] Saber fizz effect under the rain (like in SP). This effect works by default in maps using OUTSIDE brushes (like A2). In maps using INSIDE brushes (like the SP Yavin2 map), the effect will only start to work after someone walked into an INSIDE brush (and it will keep working until the map is restarted)
  • [IMP] Enhanced Hologram feature: can't move, smaller, non-solid, with a projector (Client 0.3.1 required)
  • [FIX] The points cost of Saber Offense and Saber Defense was sometimes incorrectly reset to 0, creating an error with the unused XP calculation and possibly showing that new powers were available when they weren't really (Template Locking).
  • [FIX] The UI would show the account information of another player if you were following him when the internal client number was updated. Now your real client number is always properly set.
  • [FIX] The Join button in the Profile window didn't always work.


Normal Commands:
  • /rpclientconfig : enable/disable ledge grab, saber toggle anim and talk anim
  • /nodraw (cheat command): make yourself disappear completely
  • /rpvalidatepowers: validate a selection of new Force powers - you don't need to use this command if you have the RPMod Client, it's called by the User Interface
  • /rpignore and /rpunignore, to ignore all chat text from one or all players
Admin Commands:
  • /rpsound : play global sounds and global looping sounds
  • /rpeffect : play or stop a global effect (currently alert and alarm effects)
Server (Rcon) Commands:
  • /rpupdateaccounts : force an update of all Accounts from database
  • /rpparsemodelscales : reparse the modelscale.dat file without restarting the map/server
  • /rpreloadsecuritydoors : if applicable, reparse the securitydoors.dat file and reload the Security Doors without restarting the map/server
  • /rpdumpNPCs : create a server cfg file containing commands to spawn all NPCs currently present in the map
  • /rpparsefpc : reparse the forcecost.dat (Force Power Cost) file
General (client + server):
  • [NEW] Bounding Boxes are now adjusted depending on the model scale, emote played, etc.
  • [NEW] New version numbering with 3 digits: M.m.r with M = Major version, m = minor version, r = revision. Each minor version will most likely see several updates, increasing the revision number every time. For example, 0.3.1 (the major version will only become 1 when the mod will be released publicly, considered stable and complete enough).
  • [NEW] Now use all 3 backflip animations pseudo-randomly, as seen in the SP game
  • [NEW] Chat ranges! fully customizable on the Client side with Cvar rpc_chatRange_*
  • [NEW] Brought back the JK2 rolling behavior (easier), togglable with server Cvar rp_JK2roll - not really sure it works flawlessly concerning animations
  • [NEW] Template Locking. Basically, once you learned a power, you can't "forget" it. But you can lower the level of already acquired powers.
  • [NEW] Play a "door locked" sound when trying to open a Security Door you don't have access to.
  • [IMP] New way of scaling the player speed depending on his modelScale, mainly to solve problems with really small models
  • [FIX] Fixed loads of ModelScale bugs in both the client and server, regarding Ghoul2 Traces mainly. This solves for example the crosshair not properly targetting the head of a big guy, laser bolts going through heads, impact marks being drawn anywhere but at the impact location, etc.
  • [FIX] Support for modelScale in the Sit and Sleep emotes (so you don't disappear in the ground) and Ledge Grab (so you actually grab the ledge instead of floating in the air)
  • [FIX] Fixed an animation bug that stuck the Melee Punch anim a few seconds, sometimes
  • [NEW] Chat protection: you won't get hurt if someone attacks you while you have your chat bubble up
  • [NEW] Trip mines and Det packs max number in the map is now configurable by Cvars rp_maxTripMines and rp_maxDetPacks, default to 20 each.
  • [NEW] Support for Items and Weapons in both Accounts and Class Levels
  • [IMP] Idle anim will occur less often.
  • [IMP] Redid the Emote FX system completely to be independant - this now provides a generic and better way of playing bolted effects on the Client, like when using Force Heal, Rage or leveling up.
  • [IMP] Now force clients without the RPMod Client to have hands at side in Melee, even if prediction on their side will do animations glitches
  • [IMP] Teleporting near another player now puts you exactly in front of him (you can be sure not to telefrag him.. but not other players around him, muahahah)
  • [IMP] Reworked the Account Manager module loading code to be more portable and cleaner (now it even works on Mac OS X. Really. Even if it's not released :p)
  • [IMP] Added a '/rpspawnpoint reallyall' syntax to .. really remove all spawnpoints (to be used if you're sure nobody will spawn before you add new spawnpoints, or in server scripts - anyone spawning when there are no spawnpoints will make the server quit, so handle with care)
  • [IMP] All Force powers using an animation (Heal, Protect, Absorb, etc.) will now need to play it to enable the power for levels 1/2/3. Levels 4/5 will play the animation if possible (not in a saber move..) or just enable the power if not. Heal levels 4/5 won't play any animation at all, just the blue FX.
  • [IMP] To counter Force Push and Pull with level 1/2/3, you need to face the attacker
  • [IMP] Reworked the Account Manager module internally to enhance its performance
  • [FIX] Remove and add Security Doors dynamically when the rp_securityDoors Cvar is changed
  • [FIX] Banned IP file (banip.txt) completely redone, the OJP implementation was buggy, not very good and sometimes crashed the server when there were too many IPs. Now the g_banips Cvar is not used at all.
  • [FIX] Interrupting (by using Force Hold or whatever) an emote that uses a vertical offset (like Sit and Sleep) won't stuck the 'victim' in the ground anymore
  • [FIX] Account usernames are now case-insensitive, because the database is case-insensitive too. Previously this caused some weird side-effects when using an username that existed in the database but not with the same case.
  • [FIX] Force Hold can now be countered by Force Push, like Grip was
  • [FIX] Thrown sabers now also have their damage scaled
  • [FIX] Spectator view spawned on Knight-level spawnpoints when no dedicated spectator spawnpoint exists in the map.
  • [FIX] Server NPC Spawn command (with coordinates) didn't work at all
  • [NEW] Mac Version! Universal Binary, the latest patch from Aspyr is needed
  • [NEW] New water wade effect, not static anymore, animated, fading and all. Should be more realistic (see it in game to understand)
  • [NEW] Force Sense FX around the screen, like in SP (togglable with Cvar rpc_senseFX, default enabled)
  • [NEW] Support for Global Looping Sounds (used by the /rpsound and /rpeffect commands)
  • [NEW] Now play a visual effect when leveling up!
  • [NEW] Client support for rpAdm* commands (admin keys), faster and isn't affected by server flood protection
  • [NEW] KOTOR-like informations in the top-left corner, such as XP gains, level up, new powers available, new version of RPMod available.
  • [NEW] Customizable saber glow size with Cvar rpc_saberGlowMultiplier. A value of 2 will give a nice effect if you have dynamic glow disabled. The default is 1 (BaseJKA-style). Floating point values are allowed.
  • [IMP] Enable/disable duel glow FX, with Cvar rpc_duelFX (default disabled)
  • [IMP] Better compatibility with modded HUD that don't have placeholders for Desann and Tavion stances (will use the Red and Blue ones instead)
  • [IMP] In water, the screen tint is less agressive for the eyes and hopefully more realistic
  • [IMP] Enabled all Taunt sounds (specifically, those from the Duel game type)
  • [IMP] Completely redid the Looping Bolted Effects system (that I rushed the day of the version 0.2 released…) to be bandwidth-friendly and more extensible. This breaks compatibility with version 0.2 Clients.
  • [IMP] Player and NPC 'simple' shadow is scaled depending on modelScale too
  • [IMP] Force Absorb and Protect levels 1/2 now use the 'thin layer' effect (like all Absorb levels previously used), and levels 3+ use the big moving shell effect (as seen in all Protect levels before). This is closer from the SP game and more logical.
  • [FIX] Desann and Tavion stances are now drawn in the HUD (forgot to include the hud file in version 0.2)
  • [FIX] Chatbox shouldn't draw text off-screen anymore
  • [FIX] Fixed the famous "disco lights" bug after using a gun, when the server had been running for a while
  • [FIX] Redid the NPC fading code to avoid freshly spawned NPCs disappearing instantly because they took the slot of a previous one
  • [FIX] Properly clean Ghoul2 instances that failed to load when you don't have a player skin
  • [FIX] NPCs for which you don't have the 3D model won't crash the client anymore, but will use Kyle's model instead
  • [FIX] Fixed client prediction errors when standing on someone whose model is scaled
  • [FIX] Force Lightning levels 3 and above will make lightning come from BOTH hands, not only the left one
  • [FIX] Fixed the 'Save Template' button not really working in the Force Selection UI
  • [FIX] Play the saber off sound at the end of a spar-duel when the sabers turn off
  • [FIX] Logging in and out when the UI is displayed will properly update its status, i.e. if you login/logout when the Force Selection UI is displayed, the powers will be loaded and removed dynamically, preventing some nasty side-effects when you finally click Apply and Join.
  • [FIX] Fixed a LOT of text drawing bugs in BaseJKA (alpha support and text width calculation issues, mainly). This also solves problem with the chatbox text being drawn off-screen, sometimes


First release!
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