JEDI Vehicles // 28 November 2019

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JEDI Vehicles // 28 November 2019

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Updated: 392.28 November 28 2019
Maintainer: Zechs Demming

Please do not reply to this thread, send questions by PM to the maintainer.

The JEDI Vehicle Pack is an array of vehicles for use on JEDI's server(s).

Installation: IMPORTANT:
  • Everyone needs to download this pack. If you don't have it and someone spawns one of the JEDI Vehicles, you will crash.
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Updated March 19, 2021

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Update: 408.19 -19 March 2021
Status: Grounds | Galaxy | Temple

  • K-Wing
  • Speeder Bike
  • Various personal vehicles
  • A few various personal ships (Image files are still within pack, can be used via RPshader)
  • Continuation of the project of removing duplicates between Vehicle pack and Npc Pack, there may be missing droids until the NPC pack is updated.

As normal if you encounter any errors or there have been any undesired changes made to your vehicle by mistake, do not hesitate to contact me and all do what I can to fix them.

Known Issues:
  • There may be issues with astromechs on vehicles, can be avoided by npc kill the astromech
  • /npc spawn vehicle a-wing
  • /npc spawn vehicle aac1
  • /npc spawn vehicle acklay_vehicle_mst
  • /npc spawn vehicle aspeedervm
  • /npc spawn vehicle atact
  • /npc spawn vehicle atpt_vehicle
  • /npc spawn vehicle atte
  • /npc spawn vehicle b-wing
  • /npc spawn vehicle bantha
  • /npc spawn vehicle coralskipper
  • /npc spawn vehicle cyar
  • /npc spawn vehicle dagger
  • /npc spawn vehicle dewback
  • /npc spawn vehicle dreshin-striker
  • /npc spawn vehicle droideka
  • /npc spawn vehicle ebon_hawk_ck
  • /npc spawn vehicle eopie
  • /npc spawn vehicle ewing
  • /npc spawn vehicle ewing_rhuacca
  • /npc spawn vehicle ewing_kiara
  • /npc spawn vehicle ewing_serb
  • /npc spawn vehicle falconvm
  • /npc spawn vehicle falcon_solo
  • /npc spawn vehicle flitnot
  • /npc spawn vehicle g-sf
  • /npc spawn vehicle gelagrub
  • /npc spawn vehicle ghost
  • /npc spawn vehicle glider_vehicle
  • /npc spawn vehicle gunboat
  • /npc spawn vehicle gunshipx
  • /npc spawn vehicle hailfire_droid
  • /npc spawn vehicle holo_atst
  • /npc spawn vehicle holo_hailfire
  • /npc spawn vehicle holo_probe
  • /npc spawn vehicle holo_trifighter
  • /npc spawn vehicle horten
  • /npc spawn vehicle houndstooth
  • /npc spawn vehicle howler_vehicle
  • /npc spawn vehicle howler_vehicle_2
  • /npc spawn vehicle iffo_taunbuck
  • /npc spawn vehicle imperiumshuttle
  • /npc spawn vehicle infiltrator
  • /npc spawn vehicle barcspeeder
  • /npc spawn vehicle jawatank_hat
  • /npc spawn vehicle jedishuttle
  • /npc spawn vehicle JediStarFighter
  • /npc spawn vehicle jsf
  • /npc spawn vehicle k-wing
  • /npc spawn vehicle lambdashuttle
  • /npc spawn vehicle mini_arc
  • /npc spawn vehicle missleboat
  • /npc spawn vehicle mon_cal
  • /npc spawn vehicle mon_rem
  • /npc spawn vehicle n2
  • /npc spawn vehicle ntx302_ck
  • /npc spawn vehicle orobird
  • /npc spawn vehicle outrider
  • /npc spawn vehicle probe_vehicle
  • /npc spawn vehicle protocol_gold
  • /npc spawn vehicle protocol_silver
  • /npc spawn vehicle r41
  • /npc spawn vehicle raptor_v
  • /npc spawn vehicle ravensclawvm
  • /npc spawn vehicle ravensclaw_bluebird
  • /npc spawn vehicle reek
  • /npc spawn vehicle republicshuttle
  • /npc spawn vehicle ronto
  • /npc spawn vehicle siri_lumie
  • /npc spawn vehicle sithspeeder_mst
  • /npc spawn vehicle snow-speeder
  • /npc spawn vehicle speeder_bike_aoc
  • /npc spawn vehicle speeder_bike_zak
  • /npc spawn vehicle stap_mst
  • /npc spawn vehicle star_viper_emerald
  • /npc spawn vehicle stealthe
  • /npc spawn vehicle streed
  • /npc spawn vehicle streedw
  • /npc spawn vehicle swoop_black
  • /npc spawn vehicle swoop_blue
  • /npc spawn vehicle swoop_gold
  • /npc spawn vehicle swoop_purple
  • /npc spawn vehicle swoop_silver
  • /npc spawn vehicle swoop_training
  • /npc spawn vehicle tie-bomber
  • /npc spawn vehicle tie-bomber2
  • /npc spawn vehicle tie-defender
  • /npc spawn vehicle tie-fighter
  • /npc spawn vehicle tie-fighter-new
  • /npc spawn vehicle tie-hunter
  • /npc spawn vehicle tie-interceptor
  • /npc spawn vehicle umbaran
  • /npc spawn vehicle uwing
  • /npc spawn vehicle v-19
  • /npc spawn vehicle v-wing
  • /npc spawn vehicle v-wing_anya
  • /npc spawn vehicle vohspeeder
  • /npc spawn vehicle wantha
  • /npc spawn vehicle wildtauntaun
  • /npc spawn vehicle x-wing
  • /npc spawn vehicle xayrship
  • /npc spawn vehicle xwing6
  • /npc spawn vehicle xwing_shu
  • /npc spawn vehicle xwing_zechs
  • /npc spawn vehicle y-wing
  • /npc spawn vehicle y-wing_cw
  • /npc spawn vehicle y-wing_2
  • /npc spawn vehicle yt_2000
  • /npc spawn vehicle z-95
  • /npc spawn vehicle zamspeeder
  • /npc spawn vehicle zamspeedermp
The following are the rpshader commands for using skins for vehicles that have had their .veh files removed, but the skin files remain.
rpshader remap models/players/ewing/ewing models/players/ewing/ewing_zechs

rpshader remap models/players/ewing/ewing models/players/ewing/ewing_zak

rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-cockpit models/players/manq-jsf/arven/arvencockpit
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-hullmap models/players/manq-jsf/arven/arvenhullmap
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-wings models/players/manq-jsf/arven/arvenwings
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-parts models/players/manq-jsf/arven/arvenparts

rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-cockpit models/players/manq-jsf/karmarie/karmcockpit
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-hullmap models/players/manq-jsf/karmarie/karmhullmap
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-wings models/players/manq-jsf/karmarie/karmwings
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-parts models/players/manq-jsf/karmarie/karmparts

rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-cockpit models/players/manq-jsf/blue/default-cockpit
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-hullmap models/players/manq-jsf/blue/default-hullmap
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-wings models/players/manq-jsf/blue/default-wings
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-parts models/players/manq-jsf/blue/default-parts

rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-cockpit models/players/manq-jsf/orion/orion-cockpit
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-hullmap models/players/manq-jsf/orion/orion-hullmap
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-wings models/players/manq-jsf/orion/orion-wings
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-parts models/players/manq-jsf/orion/orion-parts

rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-cockpit models/players/manq-jsf/vim/virn-cockpit
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-hullmap models/players/manq-jsf/vim/virn-hullmap
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-wings models/players/manq-jsf/vim/virn-wings
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-parts models/players/manq-jsf/vim/virn-parts

rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-cockpit models/players/manq-jsf/zander/zander-cockpit
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-hullmap models/players/manq-jsf/zander/zander-hullmap
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-wings models/players/manq-jsf/zander/zander-wings
rpshader remap models/players/manq-jsf/default/default-parts models/players/manq-jsf/zander/zander-parts

rpshader remap models/players/x-wing/xwbody models/players/x-wing/xj8body
rpshader remap models/players/x-wing/xwings models/players/x-wing/xj8wings
rpshader remap models/players/x-wing/xwglass_shd models/players/x-wing/xj8glass_shd

rpshader remap models/players/xwing6/T-70 models/players/xwing6/test
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