[Rules & Protocol] The Council & Administration

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[Rules & Protocol] The Council & Administration

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~ The Council & Administration ~
The following identifies the administrative authorities in the community and explains their role.

I. The High Council and Councilors

The High Council are the leaders and ultimate decision-makers of JEDI. Along with Councilors, the overall Jedi Council oversees the entire dealings of JEDI and makes decisions on matters such as initiations, promotions, implementing new policies, and rule enforcement. The High Council remains the ultimate authority in administration.

If you need to contact the Jedi Council, please send a PM to one of the following accounts:

The Jedi Council
When to use this account:
  • Clarification of JEDI Policies.
  • Knight/Padawan Requests.
  • Any concerns, suggestions, problems, or other requests.
  • For personal matters.
Council Secretary Droid
When to use this account:
  • To send in your application to join JEDI.
  • To request a new model scale (allowed at the end of each month).
  • To request a RPMod account.
  • To report issues with your RPmod account
The Council:
On an in-character level, the High Council is the main decisional body of the Jedi Order. The twelve Jedi Knights and Masters sit on the High Council elect their membership and meet to discuss and make decisions that impact the whole Jedi Order. The High Council are spread over the various Jedi Temples and Enclaves in the galaxy.

Each branch of the Order has a Council, which is comprised of the local High Councilors, who represent the High Council's authority, and additional Councilors, who are elected by the branch's Council to assist with local matters. The primary concern of a Councilor is to administrate their Temple or Enclave.

II. The Archive Droid

The Archive Droid posts and updates biography pages and lore.

The Jedi Archives Droid
When to use this account:
  • To submit changes to your biography.
  • To submit new icons and biography pictures for the residents page.
  • To request changes to posted lore, or to add new lore.
  • For updates to the Galactic Map.

III. Resource Maintainers

Resource maintainers update JEDI's various resource packs. They generally have knowledge about their assigned pack and can set up the item you would like to include so that it functions correctly.

The JEDI Weapons Pack
  • Delmi N'jork
    • Contact this person if you want to add your lightsaber hilt to the pack, or have it updated (JEDI Members only).
The JEDI Vehicle Pack
  • Zechs Demming
    • Contact this person if you want to add your vehicle to the pack, or have it updated (JEDI Members only).
The JEDI Music Pack
  • The Jedi Council
    • Contact this person if you have suggestions for the music pack.
  • The Jedi Council
    • Contact this person if you want to add an NPC to the pack, or have it updated (JEDI Members only).

IV. Multilingual Members

While one of JEDI's requirements is the ability to communicate in English, we understand that sometimes there can be some confusion over some vocabulary, slang, or grammar. If this occurs, we have members who speak multiple languages that can help.
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